The Administrative Organization which is under the authority of the Speaker and headed by the Secretary-General is responsible for:

· providing information, administrative and technical support to the Plenary, the Bureau, committees, political party groups, and deputies,

· informing committees about the bills and other legislative documents, assisting in preparation of committee reports, researching about the issues within the competence of the committees,

· preparing draft bills in accordance with requests of the deputies,

· providing necessary information, publication, and documents to the committees and deputies,

· coordinating relations between the Assembly and General Secretary of the President of the Republic, Office of the Prime Minister and other public institutions with regard to the legislative activities,

  • organizing relations with the media and public,

· providing documentation, archive, and publishing services. (Art.3, Law No.6253)

The head of the Administrative Organization of the Assembly is the Secretary-General, who is appointed directly by the Speaker. The Secretary-General is responsible to the Speaker of the Assembly for discharging the above-mentioned duties. (Art.5, Law No.6253).

The departments in the Administrative Organization of the Assembly operate under the direct authority of the Speaker, Secretary General and three deputy secretaries-general.

The conditions of appointment of the administrators and officers are regulated by Law No. 6253 dated December 1, 2011, “The Law on the Administrative Organization of the Assembly.”

The Secretary General, Deputy Secretaries General, Chief Advisors and Advisors to the Speaker and the Head to the Office of the Speaker are appointed directly by the Speaker. The other officers are designated by the Speaker upon the proposal of the Secretary General.

It is a prerequisite that the Secretary General and Deputy Secretaries General should have a graduate degree and should also have served in the public or private sector for at least 12 years before being appointed to their respective positions.

To be appointed as the heads of departments in the Assembly, appointees should be university graduates and should have served in the public sector for at least 12 years.

The conditions for the appointment of a deputy head of a department are that the appointee must have a university degree and must have worked in the public sector for at least 10 years including the period of military service.

The Deputy Secretary General in charge of legislative and scrutiny services is assigned from among the administrators who have served before or who are still in office as head or deputy head of the departments of Laws and Resolutions or of Budget and Research Services, and the legislative experts serving in the administrative organization. The head and deputy heads of the Department of Recording Services are appointed from among the officers performing as stenographers

Except for some positions prescribed by law, the officers to be appointed to the administrative organization of the Assembly are selected through an examination. The special conditions, procedures and principles regarding the officers to be appointed by examination are determined through a regulation issued by the Bureau of the Assembly.