With the invitation of Speaker of GNAT Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop all political parties with a group in the Parliament published a declaration about the terrorist attack which is launched during the Salat al Jumah. 15.03.2019

Declaration signed by Speaker of GNAT Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop,  Vice Speaker of GNAT Levent Gök, AK Party Group Chairperson Naci Bostancı, CHP Group Vice-Chairperson Engin Özkoç, HDP Group Vice-Chairperson Ayhan Bilgen, MHP Group Vice-Chairperson Erkan Akçay and İYİ Party Group Vice-Chairperson Lütfü Türkkan. Declaration states;

“We, as representative of Justice and Development Party, Republican People's Party, Peoples' Democratic Party, Nationalist Movement Party and Good Party gathered with the invitation of Speaker of Grand National Assembly of Turkey strongly condemn the terrorist attack , which happened today 15 March 2019 in Christchurch New Zealand, towards the community who is worships during the Salat al Jumah, leading to the death of at least 49 people.

The attack in New Zealand today is vital in showing the extent of anti-Islamism that has been tried to spread all over the world. It is now an important turning point in terms of pointing to a global threat that requires humanity to take a stand. This atrocious attack is not the personal act of a few lunatic people. It is rather the result of increasing racism against Islam, which is based on hate speech and xenophobia. The support of some politicians and media outlets to this tendency is unfortunate.

Western governments and media should, in a sincere and precise way, avoid the discourses that provoke anti-Islamic sentiments and actions, and should stop promoting anti-Islamic tendencies. This terror will not end, without the end of poisonous climate leading to attacks against Islam and Muslims and of the unacceptable indifference of some Western governments. We would like to remind some Western governments, which legitimize and turn their eye close to racists and extremists for populist reasons, once again that terrorism must be indiscriminately condemned by the politicians and media and the attitude that will path the way for terrorism is a danger to all humankind.

We wish God's mercy to our brothers who lost their lives and a speedy recovery for those who wounded in the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. We would like to express our condolences to the relatives of victims, the Islamic World, the people of New Zealand and the all humanity who stand for peace and brotherhood."