Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that, “Violation of international law, not recognizing law, in another words international banditry has made the whole world more dangerous and complicated for humankind.” 07.04.2019

Şentop gave a speech at the 140th General Assembly of Interparliamentary Union (IPU) held in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

Şentop stated that the international system was going through an intense evolution and transition process and added “Crises breaking out in different regions, terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, irregular migration, poverty, climate and environment issues and threats like xenophobia and Islamophobia but most importantly violation of international law, not recognizing law, in another words international banditry has made the whole world more dangerous and complicated for humankind.”

Speaker Şentop indicated that, “Today, in a world where we discuss human rights, law, humanism, development and increasing quality of life in our meetings, we know that people are alienated because of their skin color, beliefs, languages they speak and are exposed to injustice, children are dying because of hunger and thirst and that poverty of mankind can be prevented with money spent for the fight against obesity”.

Şentop emphasized that, those kinds of meetings and international platforms should cease to be gatherings where only nice speeches are given or declarations are accepted; they should instead focus on results that would make concrete contributions to world peace, improvement of human values and providing genuinely humane conditions for everyone and that effective meetings transcending parliamentary diplomacy tourism should be executed.

Şentop stated that Turkey, within the scope of its ever-increasing opportunities and capabilities is a security and stability element for its region and the whole world and added “In this concept, we have developed ‘Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Foreign Policy’ approach and as a necessity of this policy we have gathered our efforts to find solutions to bleeding wounds in our region like Syria and Palestine and to humanitarian tragedies. We are sincerely struggling not just for the nearby region but also for other areas like Myanmar, Afghanistan and Somalia.”

Şentop also stated:

“The 20th century is the most bloody and painful century in the history of mankind. We have spent a century where over 100 million people were killed and where institutions established for international law and peace are dysfunctional and there are economic inequities. Institutions and paradigms of the 20th century have failed to succeed in providing justice and welfare for humanity. Today, in the beginning of the 21st century and in the beginning of the year 3000, the world is searching for a new international order for mankind. We should fight together to establish an international order that stands for the equality of states and citizens and is fair and where minimum humane conditions are provided for each and everyone. We should primarily realize and validate respect for international law for all states.”

Şentop emphasized that it is essential to change the discriminatory structure in the UN and to build an international platform there which is based on the equality of states and added “I quote our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words ‘The world is bigger than five’.”

Speaker Şentop thanked Sheikh Temim bin Hamed Al Sani, the Emir of Qatar and Qatar for hosting the conference.