Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop stated about the Italian Parliament’s assesment on the 1915 events. “The Italian House of Representatives has replaced itself by international courts and has tried to rule on a specific crime clearly defined in international law, such as genocide, and has exploited history and law. We would like to remind Italy of its role in the Second World War”. 12.04.2019

NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATOPA) 99. Rose-Roth Seminar and Mediterranean Middle East Special Group Joint Meeting started in  Belek, in Serik district of Antalya.

In a speech made by the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, Şentop pointed out the decision taken by the Italian House of Representatives with regard to the 1915 events. 

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey , Şentop who said that the Italian House of Representatives decision requesting the recognition of the events of 1915 as"genocide" continued as the following:

“It constitutes as a new example of the use of claims of some Armenians as internal policy metarial and is never compatible with the historical facts. The Italian House of Representatives has replaced itself by international courts and has tried to rule on a specific crime clearly defined in international law, such as genocide, and has exploited history and law. We would like to remind Italy of its role in the Second World War”. 

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Şentop also reacted to French President Emmanuel Macron's announcement of April 24  as "commemoration”.

Şentop emphasized that the Turkish government strongly condemned  the decision and continued to say that “this initiative, which came to the agenda with political concerns, is far from the seriousness of the state, does not serve a purpose other than the politicization of history through an unsubstantiated and legal basis”.

Şentop who declared that “ The French President's imposing decision at the same time restricts the freedom of expression of his own citizens by ignoring the European Court of Human Rights and the jurisprudence of the French Constitutional Court” continued to say “ I have an advice for our French friends. Our French friends  should take an initiative to make a persuasive statement to the French public about the colonialism period, the events in Algeria and the Rwanda genocide where 100.000 people were extinguished in 100 days and without doing so, do not manipulate the history of other countries on political grounds. And reread the foreword by Jean Paul Sartre in his book La Question by Henri Alleg, which is translated to Turkish as “ interrogation”.

Şentop also stated that “the logic which rules while there is no problem when some NATO members buy S-300 from Russia, but there is a problem when Turkey takes S-400 from Russia is not sincere and honest”. I strongly want to emphasize that our determination to purchase the S-400 system should not be regarded as Turkey’s deviation from her NATO commitments.

Şentop pointed out that the meeting will lay the ground for important consultations that will contribute to the peace and stability of the region.

Şentop who expressed that Turkey attaches great importance to the endeavours of NATO PA, the election of Osman Aşkın Bak, Chairman of the Turkish Delegation, as the Vice-President of  NATO PA gives them happiness.

Şentop, who congratulated NATO's 70. Years anniversary said that since its establishment NATO has been a very important actor for the Euro-Atlantic region, in terms of maintaining  its security and stability.

Şentop who emphasized that NATO is an organization designed to be an answer to the conditions caused by World War II, said “ this organization was not only a military defense pact until the early 1990s, when the cold war ended, but also an alliance defending liberal and libertarian values and democracy. By the end of the cold war, many people were led to a hopeful optimism. Unfortunately this did not happen and 1990s witnessed bloody and ethnic conflicts. Likewise,  bloody clashes and conflicts also occured in the 2000s that was not better than 1990s. We are  now on the verge of building a new millennium and a new world, new quests, new paradigms for a new century from even a wider perspective.”

Şentop underlined that Turkey is always faithful to her alliances, is a reliable country for her partners and is the only NATO country which borders the Soviet Union during the cold war, fullfilled every responsibility falling on  as a member of the alliance.

Şentop expressed that there is a phrase in Turkish such as “you have to be cruel to be kind” and he will utter some bitter truths while being with the friends and continued as such:

“2000s began with a great tragedy. The attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 signalled the threat of the new age. This new threat was the global terrorism. Today, the spirit of solidarity and the concept of collective security represented by NATO on the 70th anniversary of its foundation became even more important. Humanity is faced with unprecedented tests in history. Terrorism, violance, regional instability, war, irregular migration, income injustice, poverty, infectious diseases and many other threats stand as challenges that we have to overcome. We, as Turkey, believe that especially terrorism is one of the most significant and serious threats for the security of the alliance. The reaction of NATO members in the face of the September 11 attack is an exemplary behavior in accordance with alliance law. NATO members considered the attack on the United States as a whole to the alliance. Moreover, although the attacker is not a conventional enemy. Turkey who by standing next to the United States and the Euro-Atlantic alliance and its values  exhibited solidarity gave a strong support for struggle against international terrorism as of this date.  However, Turkey has not mostly seen the  support and solidarity of the alliance member countries that she deserves in the fight against terrorism”

The Speaker of GNAT, Şentop said that Turkey has been fighting against terrorism  in all its forms and structures, including DAES in a most active way. Şentop, noted that DAES is not only the terrorist organization that Turkey has been struggling against. Şentop said that Turkey has been fighting against PKK for almost 40 years, against PKK’s another origin in Syria with the name of  PYD/YPG  and with FETÖ who attempted to carry out a military coup on July 15,2016 continued: “Turkey still continues to be exposed to physical attacks by these organizations. While we, as Turkey, attach importance to the evaluation and definition of our allies and exhibit solidarity in the attacks against them as required by the law, we do not see the same responsible attitude from them. US openly supports PKK terrorist organisation’s Syria extension namely  PYD/YPG and grants them thousands of weapons that do not comply with the alliance law. What is the difference of this attitude from the fact that a NATO member country had given weapons to the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization after the events of September 11? It is our most natural right to expect from our NATO allies to provide the necessary support and be with Turkey in our fight against terrorism within the framework of alliance spirit and collective defense alliance. On the other hand, we know that the NATO PA, through its reporter MPs, has been preparing reports to provide new perspectives, including advices in terms of defense and security. In some reports published last year, we have come across statements that do not reflect the truth about the fight against terrorism, especially FETÖ and PKK. We expect the rapporteurs to report on the basis of mutual understanding and empathy, with the spirit of alliance and with the core values ​​of the alliance. “The understanding that the terrorist organization against me is evil; the terrorist organization attacking my ally is not my business” is not compatible with the spirit of NATO alliance; we just cheat each  other.” 

Sentop who hopes that the necessary sensitivity will be shown in order to prevent misidentification and expressions in the NATO PA reports that link Islamic concepts and terror asks “what would you do when a person who defines himself as a Muslim tries to link terrorism with Islam when someone acts as a terrorist, when someone who defines himself as a Christian in New Zealand acts as a terrorist? We have always advocated an approach that terrorism has no religion or race, terrorism is a terror and we will continue to defend, "he said.

Şentop pointed out that for  years, Turkey has serious gaps in terms of air and missile defense capabilities, but more than a decade  they work on different options and met with allies, particularly USA  in this process. However, Şentop stated that intimate and serious initiatives were insufficient due to the political and commercial concerns of the allies and said the following:

“Russia offered us a very good offer. This proposal was designed to meet our expectations in terms of technical capabilities, delivery, timeline and price. Finally, we decided to buy the S-400 system to meet our immediate needs. The S-400 system will not integrate or conflict with NATO systems. There have been other NATO countries that have previously purchased and deployed the S-300 system. There was no serious objection against them from any NATO member. Some NATO members do not have a problem getting S-300 from Russia, but when Turkey purchases S-400 from Russia there is a problem is an unacceptable and unsincere logic. I want to emphasize the point that, our decision to purchase the S-400 system can never be seen as a deviation from the NATO commitment”.