Şentop, Speaker of GNAT, paid a visit to Skobje with a parliamentary delegation, in the framework of his visit to Northern Macedonia. 25.05.2019

Şentop and the delegation accompanied him arrived in Skobje international airport with a private jet and welcomed at the airport by Vesel Memedi, Deputy Speaker of the North Macedonian Parliament, Tülin Erkal Kara, Ambassador of Turkey to Skobje and the Turkish members of the organizations in Skobje.

Mustafa Şentop met with Stevo Pendarovski, President of Northern Macedonia.

Mustafa Şentop was received by the President of the Northern Macedonia at the Presidential Residence called “ Villa Vodno” in the capital city Skobje. Tülin Erkal Kara, Ambassador of Turkey to Skobje accompanied Şentop.

According to the written statement issued by the Presidential Palace, it is stated that North Macedonia-Turkey relations were discussed at the meeting and pointed out that friendly relations have been developing  at a high and intense level. 

Pendarovski also stated his pleasure on Turkey’s support for his country’s integration with Euro-Atlantic institutions and reiterated his belief that Turkey will confirm North Macedonia’s accession process to NATO in a short period.

President Pendarovski  indicated that his country’s membership to NATO would contribute to the stability of the region and affect North Macedonia’s overall domestic, social and political situation.

Şentop later on attended the “global peace vision at the beginning of the new millennium” Conference as a speaker held by the International Balkan University (IBU).

Şentop touched on the world's overall course, Turkey's position and issues related to the future in the Conference.

Şentop also said that “ there will be a Conference held by IBU called 5th. International Social Sciences Conference. I think of coming to this conference as well if my schedule permits. Then there will be broader  possibilities for contacts”.

On the other hand, apart from Şentop, Turkey’s ambassador to Skopje, politicians,diplomats, academicians, representatives of Turkish institutions in the country and many guests attented the Conference.

An iftar program was organized under the patronage of the Turkish Embassy in Skobje in collaboration with the International Balkan University, Association of Turkish non-governmental organizations in Macedonia and Haliliye Municipality.

Stevo Pendarovski, North Macedonian President, Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of Grand National Assembly,Tülin Erkal Kara, Ambassador of Turkey to Skobje, Vesel Memedi, Deputy Speaker of the North Macedonian Parliament, Süleyman Recebi, President of the Religious Affairs of North Macedonia, Gyorge Ivanov, Former President of North Macedonia, ministers,deputies, politicians, academicians and many other guests attended the  iftar program for 1200 people.

Pendarovski, the President of North Macedonia delivered a speech in the iftar programme and congratulated the holy Ramadan month. He pointed out that the month of Ramadan, which he described as holy , despite being celebrated only by Muslims, symbolized the basic human values.

Pendarovski also stated that Turkey supported North Macedonia unconditionally since its independence and expressed his pleasure over the process which began in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey about North Macedonia’s accession protocol approval to NATO.

Pendarovski underlined that IBU is one of the most important investment of Turkey in North Macedonia and continued as such:

“ Unfortunately xenophobia and Islamophobia are spreading in the world today. This is true for us as well. The Republic of Northern Macedonia has always been a multi-religious and multicultural society and will continue to be. In spite of our different religions and worldviews, things that connect us are universal values ​​and principles such as justice, peace, equality and reputation.”

In his speech, Speaker of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Şentop conveyed the greetings of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and stated that the iftar tables are the tables of peace, prosperity and peace.

Şentop who reminded that his family immigrated from the Gevgeli province of Northern Macedonia to Turkey said that “ the friendship between Turkey and Northern Macedonia set an example for the entire Balkans and the world. I hope and believe that our relations with Northern Macedonia, that we have common views on achieving economic prosperity through the preservation of peace and peace in the region, and the access to multi-ethnic and multi-ethnic origin, will continue to be strengthened during the reign of President Pendarovski.

Şentop stated that, there is a substantial cooperation between the two countries in many fields including culture, economy, politics and defense and emphasized that they are following North Macedonia’s recent success with appreciation.

Şentop stated that, “Preserving peace in the Balkans means all of us living in comfort at the same time”

Şentop pointed out that Turkey has always stood by North Macedonia during hard times and made the best of the brotherhood ties between the two countries and added, “I would like to underline the fact that we are supporting North Macedonia’s primary national objectives such as its membership processes to NATO and the European Union (EU) and that our support will continue on its road to consolidation with Euro-Atlantic institutions.”

Şentop stated that they believe North Macedonia would provide similar support to Turkey in her fight against terrorism and added, “As the Speaker of our veteran Assembly, in which national will is manifested, we trust North Macedonia in our resolute fight against terrorist organizations, mainly Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).”

Şentop also stated that IBU serves as an “education bridge” between Turkey and the Balkans.