Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that the NATO Membership Protocol of North Macedonia will be approved at the plenary assembly of the GNAT within a month in maximum. 30.06.2019

Şentop went to Bitola which is located in the southern part of the country within the framework of his North Macedonia program and visited Ishak Celebi Mosque.

Making statements to journalists, Şentop addressed his contacts in North Macedonia.

Reminding that he has participated at the 5th Congress of International Social Sciences hosted by International Balkan University (IBU), Şentop said: “Perhaps it was the largest and most extensive congress in the history of Skopje”.

Noting that Turkey and North Macedonia are two allies and brother countries, Şentop stated that Turkey was the first country to recognise North Macedonia’s independence and it was also the first country who opened an embassy there.

Emphasizing that Turkey has always supported North Macedonia within international institutions as well as in European and Euro-Atlantic organizations, Şentop added: “According to us, though it was unfair, there was a problem regarding Macedonia’s name. In the context of objections of Greece. This has been overcome. So, we will be able to see Macedonia both in European and Atlantic organizations soon”.

Expressing that he is a child of a family who migrated from Gevgelija, a city located in the southeastern part of the country, to Turkey Şentop pointed out that he has a particular interest and relation to Macedonia.

Reminding that each and every NATO member country needs to adopt a protocol about North Macedonia’s accession to NATO, Şentop added:

“This is a legal process. As the Speaker of the GNAT, I have already forwarded the related transaction supposed to be made by Turkey to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. We have forwarded it on 31st of May; however these kinds of agreements are being negotiated in an order in our Committee on Foreign Affairs. It takes a long time as the Committee has a full agenda, however I have discussed the issue with the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in order to accelerate the process and I hope that it will be negotiated by the Committee on Foreign Affairs next week. Soon afterwards it will be approved by our General Assembly within a month in maximum.

Şentop also visited Monastir Military High School as part of his visit to Bitola where Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had studied.

Şentop visited Atatürk’s Memory Room here and signed the Memory Book and received information from the authorities.

Şentop visited the “Sirok Sokak” (Wide Street) and chatted with people and Turkish tourists and had his photos taken.