Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that, “On the night of July 15th, our nation flooded the streets without thinking about the consequences, with the invitation of our rightful President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and buried all those who wanted to extort its future into the hole of shame where they belong.” 11.07.2019

Speaker Şentop attended the opening of the photograph exhibition titled “Treacherous coup attempt on July 15th from the eyes of photojournalists” at the GNAT on the occasion of July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day.

Şentop gave a speech at the opening at the Honorary Hall of the Assembly and stated that political scientist Giovanni Sartori described humans today as “homo videns” and wished that the exhibition would be an opportunity to see and show the reality of the night of July 15th once again.

Şentop indicated that humankind can forget many incidents, principles or rules thay may be considered as determinants of life, “However, forgetting is one of the main mistakes that cause illusions. We sometimes hear the saying, history repeats itself. I don’t agree with that. History does not repeat itself, it’s just that similar mistakes cause similar outcomes, forgotten truth brings together new mistakes and errors. The only way for history not to negatively repeat itself is not to repeat past mistakes and not to forget reality.”

Speaker Şentop stated that three years ago, they have witnessed the coup attempt altogether which began on the night of July 15th and continued until the next day midday and they have also witnessed the courage of noble Turkish nation who defended their country against traitors’ conspiracies who hit the streets on that hot night with equipment that belongs to the nation.

Şentop emphasized that 250 citizens who resisted those trying to extort the future of Turkey were martyred and over 2000 people became veterans, stating:

“This exhibition which was opened here today is a small but in any case a valuable part of the evidence of that night. The July 15th coup attempt was quite despicable; however national conscience and resistence which were activated in order to stop the coup d’etat was as glorious and bright to be exemplary. Remembering the treason of that night as noteworthy, and the courage which invalidated that treason with envy may be considered as one of the conditions of patriotism. Opening this exhibition, which includes evidence of the July 15th treacherous coup attempt, under this roof has a deep meaning. Because, this very roof had been the center of patriotism for brave and conscious people who claimed ‘Either freedom or death’ 100 years ago when enemies wanted to occupy the country and enslave the nation. It is quite significant to open this exhibition in this building. Because, this building had been the headquarters of those who consolidated the will of total freedom against those who thought salvation would only be under the mandate of another state 100 years ago. This exhibition is even more precious in this place. Because, the determination of ‘Our homeland will be saved, we’ll win a victory’ was embodied here 100 years ago when darkness was all around. Hereby, I remember firstly Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and all those who have showed determination 100 years ago with honor and mercy.”

Şentop pointed out the fact that the treacherous coup attempt on the night of July 15th which targeted the country and the nation was not surprising, “The traitors attacked our august Assembly because they knew its value to our nation. However, the damage they have caused in this building has promoted our nation to resist the coup attempt with even more aspiration, hence the coup d’etat was unsuccessful. Today, this scene of heroism corresponds to the reflection of our noble nation who resisted occupation 100 years ago. The ‘veteran’ title of our august Assembly is one of the most sublime features for parliamentarians and our nation. This august Assembly which holds the ‘veteran’ title, deserves to be commemorated like this twice.”

Şentop emphasized that there is an implication underlying the GNAT which enhances the will of salvation and freedom against occupation and stated that the Assembly showed resistance and courage although it was targeted by bombs during the treacherous coup attempt on July 15th.

Şentop expressed his gratitude to each and every Member of Parliament who did not leave the Assembly which was targeted by bombs on the night of July 15th and did not give passage to betrayal with the nation and continued his words:

“Firstly H.E. İsmail Kahraman and our parliamentarians who were either here or in their hometowns stood against the coup attempt and showed how much they are worthy of the Veteran Assembly’s glory and legacy. The coup attempt of July 15th is one of the most treacherous destruction efforts our nation has come across in its history. The answer given to this betrayal movement by our nation is an example of heroism worthy of its nobility. This is the historical truth. Those who wish to falsify the truth, understate betrayal of that night and underestimate our nation’s resistence are either unwary or are enemies of our state and our nation. On the night of July 15th, our nation flooded the streets without thinking about the consequences, with the invitation of our rightful President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and buried all those who wanted to extort its future into the hole of shame where they belong.”

Şentop pointed out that the betrayel of that night and heroism of the nation were in the pictures which were exhibited, “The fight which illuminated that night with an uncommon courage and foresight based on reality is quite clear in these pictures which are exhibited here. A nation can only survive and look at the future with hope by commemorating and understanding its heroes and sentencing those who betray to failure and shame. I believe that this exhibition which was opened under the roof of the GNAT will remind us once again the real dimension of the crisis and betrayal we have survived; which adheres to ‘Only the nation’s tenacity and determination will save the country’ and which is based on the principle of ‘Sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation’.

Speaker Şentop continued his words by stating the following:

“Because the truth is to be learned, beared in mind and to always be remembered. As we realize 100th anniversary of the War of Independence and third anniversary of the treacherous coup attempt of July 15th, I remember with mercy, gratitude  and honor firstly Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades, all our martyrs and veterans, all citizens who died on July 15th while defending the country and protecting the national will. May God never let us witness such dark days and reunite our noble nation with the great Turkey cause.”

Şentop and the accompanying delegation then visited the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open until July 19th, Friday.