Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT arrived at Western Thrace to attend the commemorative ceremony held on the occasion of Dr. Sadık Ahmet’s death anniversary, who is the founder of Friendship Equality Peace Party and started his program by visiting Ahmet Mete, Elected Mufti of Xanthi in his office. 24.07.2019

Şentop was welcomed at the Muftiate Gate with flowers by women and men religious officers and gave a speech there stating that he is also a migrant and that he is happy to be together with cognates from Xanthi.

Şentop indicated that Turkey has consistently been following the issues regarding Western Thrace Muslim Turkish minorities and that he has been mentioning those issues in relations between the two countries and in the international arena.

Şentop pointed out the fact that Turkey is a country who strives for the betterment of the situation of its citizens and cognates in terms of human rights and also in other areas stating, “We are acting diligently on this matter”.

Şentop emphasized that Turkey is a great state who respects agreements and treaties and expects the same attitude from other countries, stating:

“Turkey is a country who tries to maintain good neighborly relations, abides the rights granted to citizens regardless of their religion, ethnicity or origins by the constitution, human rights documents and international agreements. Turkey expects the same attitude from all other countries, especially from its neighbors.”

Within the framework of his program, Şentop will go to Komotini and meet with İbrahim Şerif, Elected Mufti of Komotini; then will attend the commemorative ceremony expected to be held beside Sadık Ahmet’s grave at Kahveci Cemetery in the evening hours.