Justice and Development Party, Republican People’s Party, Nationalist Movement Party and Good Party GNAT Groups made a joint declaration, calling out to the US for necessary steps to be taken on the matter of extraditing FETÖ ringleader Fetullah Gülen to Turkey as soon as people. 09.08.2019

The joint declaration is as follows:

“We, as four political party groups who represent the will of Turkish nation under GNAT’s roof;


  • State that the terrorist organization FETÖ is a major threat to perpetuity of the Turkish Republic,
  • Emphasize the fact that it was registered by the Turkish judicial system that those who planned and executed the coup attempt and the bloodiest terrorist action which Turkey was exposed to on July 15, 2016 are the ringleaders and members of this organization,
  • Take notice of the fight given by our veteran Assembly who was exposed to an attack by treacherous members of FETÖ on the night of July 15th, in order to protect Turkish nation’s sovereign will and democratic achievements,
  • Remember our 251 martyrs with mercy and thousands of veterans with gratitude who sacrificed their lives while heroically resisting FETÖ’s coup attempt,
  • We would like to emphasize the following issues with the aim of renewing the strong will of Turkish nation in order for mainly the ringleader Fetullah Gülen to answer for the crimes committed by FETÖ members in the face of Turkish judicial system on the basis of universal law principles:


  1. FETÖ ringleader Fetullah Gülen still continues to live freely in the US. He continues to command the terrorist organization from the US while giving orders to the members of the organization. FETÖ ringleader continues to spread his deviant views using tactics of terrorist organizations such as DAEŞ and Al Qaida.
  2. The fact that numerous attempts of judicial institutions regarding extradition of Fetullah Gülen and other executives of the terrorist organization in order to answer for their crimes in the face of justice were not responded positively is unacceptable.
  3. The fact that US authorities are not taking any action against FETÖ terrorist organization and its ringleader Gülen is affecting the trust relationship between Turkey and the US negatively. As four party groups of the GNAT, we share the reaction of Turkish society caused by this.
  4. The GNAT will continue to protect Turkish nation’s firm belief regarding democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms.
  5. We, as four party groups of our Assembly expect our common attitude against FETÖ on the basis of universal values to be recognized by mainly the US and all our friends and allies; and call for necessary steps to be taken on the matter of extraditing Gülen and FETÖ members to Turkey as soon as possible.