Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT has broadcasted a message on the occasion of August 30 Victory Day. 30.08.2019

Şentop’s message is as follows:

“Today marks the 97th Anniversary of the Battle of Dumlupınar which is one of the final moves of the War of Independence that was initiated to eliminate occupation and acquisition threats, effectuate the goal of full freedom and to provide liberty to the country.

Our noble, august and dignified nation has been the bannerbearer of this blessed, sacred and esteemed cause since 1071 leaving a glorious history behind that is full of heroism. Battle of Dumlupınar victory that was won on August 30, 1922 is one of the cornerstones of this blessed cause and our honorable history.

Our nation and army almost achieved the impossible and won victory that sets and example to other nations at the Battle of Dumlupınar which was the most important step of the War of Independence and the Pitched Battle of Supreme Command that was commanded personally by Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Our nation who regards the spirit of national struggle as its principal duty against occupation and acquisition threats, has established the Turkish Republic after the War of Independence and declared its determination of struggle to survive decisively to the world and was commemorated.

From that day to this, the Republic of Turkey has been a source of hope to its region and the world with its developing democracy, strong economy, history and cultural background. Turkey has become the name of courage which declared that it will hang onto its freedom by paying every kind of price.

As hardworking, diligent and patriotic soldiers of the cause of Great Turkey during this time period when the world is going through a major transition process, we are responsible for working for this auspicious country with outstanding efforts and to be personalities who are worthy of it.

I remember with mercy and gratitude, firstly Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, all the heroes who fought for this victory, our august martyrs and gallant veterans, honorable members of the First Assembly who conducted the War of Independence and each and every member of our gallant army, and I would like to express my congratulatory wishes on the occasion of August 30 Victory Day.”