Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that, “We will not take a step back, we will not give up and we will own the duties bestowed on us by this geography and history no matter how much our enemies attack us." 08.09.2019

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that, “We will not take a step back, we will not give up and we will own the duties bestowed on us by this geography and history no matter how much our enemies attack us.

During his speech made on the occasion of the 738th  Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Commemoration and Yörük Festival, Şentop stated that he is pleased to participate at this event which is a manifestation of affection felt towards our ancestors.

Stating that the holy journey from the tribe to the state began in these lands, Şentop said that foundations of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the world for hundreds of years were laid in this geography.

Şentop explained that Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, who sought to give order to the world, girded on swords on these lands and said:

"Sheikh Edebali, one of the great elders of our spiritual climate, spread his wisdom and advice on these lands. For us, this land contains the memory of the past and the yeast of the future. The only reason we came together today is not to commemorate the august memory of our ancestor Ertuğrul Ghazi, one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire. Today, by coming together here we declare to the world that we have adopted the meaning and spirit of Ertuğrul Ghazi, Osman Ghazi, his comrades and friends’ legacy.”

Speaker Sentop expressed that these meetings are at the same time the expression of the gratefulness to our ancestors.

Şentop who used the expression "If we have a homeland that we swear to protect until eternity, Ertuğrul Ghazi is one of the elders for whom we should be grateful." reminded that anniversaries of Malazgirt Victory, August 30 Victory Day and Sivas Congress were celebrated quite recently.

Şentop, pointed out that all these events and victories are actually pages of a single book complementing each other, continued as such:

“There is no difference between Malazgirt Victory, whose 948th anniversary is commemorated and the War of Independence in terms of spirit and faith. Ertuğrul Ghazi, for whom we are gathered here today to remember is the adopted child of Sultan Alparslan who destroyed the Byzantine army in Malazgirt Plain and did not give passage to the Crusaders’ aggression. In fact, all the Ottoman victories that we are commemorating on behalf of Ertuğrul Ghazi and Malazgirt Victory and the War of Independence are deeply connected to each other. The war which took place 100 years ago on Anatolian soil is a nation’s epic full of lessons.”

Şentop stated that the spirit which lead Ertuğrul Ghazi to establish a world state and the conscience and enthusiasm which enabled success in the War of Independence are works of the same belief.

Şentop explained that regarding these lands as motherland and protecting them was the main idea in both events and stated the following:

“The legacy we inherit from Ertuğrul Ghazi’s fight and full determination of the War of Independence is our firm will and belief that Anatolian soil is to remain as a home of Islam forever. We, who are in love with and devoted to the spirit, conscience and enthusiasm embodied in Ertuğrul Ghazi, will not let them divide us by gathering here today. We will ignore all those who play all kinds of games to turn us against each other. We will disappoint all those who try to withold us from our road to bigger goals. We will be as solid as steel and not let those who try to scatter us like broken pieces of prayer beads. We will identify instigation focuses and won’t allow them to inflict pain on us. Because we are a nation who has a glorious history, but also one who has to go through difficult trials, bearing heavy responsibilities.”

Şentop expressed that Turkey is the hope of billions of people from the Balkans to the Middle East, from Africa to West Europe and from Asia to America and made the following assessment, “We know that those who are trying to find an excuse each time to attack us are making plans and setting traps behind closed doors. We are approaching those who are trying to make us careless against important issues with a perspective that we have learned from previous lessons.”

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT indicated that we must be vigilant, determined and robust against those who are trying to prevent Turkey’s strengthening.

Şentop stated the following:

“Those who are unable to accept the fact that we have ruined the system of international exploitation and those who consider again ‘Great Turkey’ cause as a threat are attacking our country and us and they will continue to do so. Our honorable President’s determination of ‘The world is greater than five” and the great fight against the malice alliance established in our South might have misguided some people to attack us. They can attack us as much as they want. They will be disappointed each time, just like they were in Malazgirt, Miryokefalon, Niğbolu, Sakarya and on July 15th. We will not take a step back, we will not give up and we will own the duties bestowed on us by this geography and history no matter how much our enemies attack us.

Let’s not allow challenges to shatter and discourage us and also those who are trying to separate us. Let’s walk on the path to the future with more faith, in a stronger way. Let’s turn our sacred county, which was washed with our martyrs’ blood, into a town of trust where we can all live in peace. Today, Turkey is not just the name of a country and geography. Today, Turkey is the name of hope, a move and a humanitarian cause. Today, Turkey is not just our homeland, but it is also our duty. That is why, we will glorify and amplify Turkey and we will keep its future bright in order to keep our hopes alive, to conclude the move which aims the common good of mankind and to strengthen the conscience that regards the country as its duty.”

Şentop also wished God to have mercy on Tufan Kansu, Director of Special Action Office of Mardin Police Department who was martyred as a result of a terrorist attack by PKK and stated the following, “Again on this occasion, I convey my congratulatory wishes and appreciation to all the mothers in Diyarbakır who have defended their children’s rights with courage against the terrorist organization and I salute them with respect. Each and every citizen who has fought for our country, our nation and our brotherhood must be certain of our nation’s and state’s support forever, until the very end.”