Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT made assessments in his press statement regarding the 4th Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments before his departure to Kazakhstan to attend the aforementioned meeting. 22.09.2019

Speaker Şentop stated that the theme of the 4th Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments is “Greater Eurasia: Dialogue. Trust. Partnership” and added, “Our region, especially Turkey needs to see common and sincere steps taken about the subjects under these titles.

The question of how effective this geography is, which harbors over 3 billion of the world’s population in shaping the world’s destiny must be answered by all the countries’ administrations who are located in this geography.

Speaker Şentop indicated that, “Turkey has been showing great efforts to have a say in the solution of the region’s issues where she is also located and to sustain our President’s vision and stance which he manifested with the expression ‘The world is bigger than five’”.

Şentop emphasized that the countries who are indifferent to the issues of their regions will not have the luxury to wail in the aftermath of possible disasters and stated the following:

“People who fall into the clutches of disasters and wars will of course put all their efforts to protect their own geographies. However, finding solutions and taking steps which will not drag them into these disasters and wars is up to those countries’ administrations. We have to make sure that the region’s people firstly have the right to live and welfare and we have to enable collaborations which may have a say in the determination of world policies. As countries who can constitute the Eurasian bloc, we must establish tighter connections and we must take steps which will consolidate our mutual trust.

The theme of the 3rd Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments which was held last year in Antalya was “Economic cooperation, environment and sustainable development in Eurasia”. In this year’s meeting, the theme of “Greater Eurasia: Dialogue. Trust. Partnership” will be discussed; which comprises of steps that will find substantial solutions to the issues in the region. I pray to God that this meeting may enable a significant unity of strength and solidarity that will contribute to the solution of issues in our region.”

Speaker Şentop will exchange views with other Speakers on matters that either include or closely involve Turkey before and after the meeting which will be held in Kazakhstan.

Speaker Şentop will be meeting with Nurlan Nigmatulin, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Kazakhstan, Dariga Nazarbayeva, Speaker of the Senate of Kazakhstan and Nursultan Nazarbayev, Founding President of Kazakhstan within the context of his visit.

Şentop will also have bilateral meetings with participating countries’ Speakers and Deputy Speakers including Esad Kayser, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Ivan Brajovic, Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro and Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of the House of the People of Afghanistan. Mustafa Şentop will also have a meeting with George Tsereteli, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCEPA).

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT and the accompanying parliamentary delegation will return to Turkey in the early hours of Wednesday after the meeting which will last for two days.

Turkey’s views on the issues of the region and solution offers will be endorsed at the meeting themed “Greater Eurasia: Dialogue. Trust. Partnership” which will be hosted by Nurlan Nigmatulin, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Kazakhstan on September 23-24.