Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Dr. Mustafa Sentop, evaluated the 11-article text of the agreement reached as a result of talks between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Putin in Sochi and the European countries and the Arab Union's approach in an interview with Al Jazeera. 23.10.2019

Şentop,  Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey evaluated, “the text confirms  the will of Turkey towards the creation of  a region freed from the terrorist organizations  on the Syrian side of the border between Turkey and Syria. Turkey’s rightfullness is verified firstly by the consensus reached in the talks with the US and now with the agreement reached between our President and Mr. Putin. Turkey's rightfulness, his concerns for security and his targets was accepted. First by the US, now by Russia. Turkey in this sense, has reached the target for the liquidation of terrorist organizations, "he said.

Speaker Şentop’s answer to the Soçi Agreement is the following:

“There was a text agreed with the US authorities. He texts in this period also was assigned a definite certain things. As Turkey we have launched a military only against the terrorist organization. A ceasefire comes as a related negotiation or expressed by the terrorist organization not. There is no negotiation with the terrorist organization or a ceasefire as stated.

Our President and Mr. Putin made an assesment on a live broadcast. The memorandum was announced by the Foreign Ministers. Turkey’s military operation area against the terrorist organization is a particular region. US’s soldiers were mostly there. US decided to withdraw its troops in other regions including that area. In the meanwhile the terrorist organization was looking for ways to deal with the Syrian regime. Of course Russia was in the region as a power. Therefore, with the withdrawal of the US troops, the Syrian regime in the region created a region under the control of Russia. 

Therefore, with the withdrawal of US troops, the Syrian regime in the region created a region under the control of Russia. At this point, Our President met with Russian President Putin. There is a memorandum of understanding. The text confirms Turkey’s will to create a region in the Turkey-Syria border where terrorist organizations are cleared in the Syrian side. And Turkey's desire that was not to make a military operation in the region. The main objective was to establish a zone free of terrorism here. All kinds of methods have been tried before. It was tried with sincerity and patience, and when there was no result, we had to start the Operation Peace Spring because there was no other choice. Turkey's desire to  establish a zone free of terror and terrorist organizations into a certain depth and Turkey’s  goals, her security concerns was accepted.”

Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT replied to a question about, "the Syrian refugees will be sent by Turkey to an unsafe area" :

“This is a totally immoral slander. We are talking about 3.6 million refugees in Turkey for many years. Today, European countries bargain for 5 - 10 refugees  while we accept 3.6 million refugees in Turkey. This number is as much as the population of some Arab countries, even more than the population of some of them. We are talking about a number as close as the population of some countries in Europe. They should see that those people are hosted in Turkey for many years, and they should know that they live here like our own citizens. For those  who do not know this truth they may come to Turkey and they may visit those refugees. Turkey hosted them within its borders taking many risks. Now, Turkey is trying to establish an environment in which they will voluntarily live in peace and security in their own countries and at home. For this, the difficulty Turkey faces, including the military operation, is obvious. His negotiations with other countries are obvious. There's nothing hidden. Everything is happening in front of the world. Turkey acted very transparent on this issue since the beginning. Turkey, however, is trying to establish an environment for them to settle voluntarily. As long as this is achieved, they will to go to their home country by their own will. "

Parliament Speaker Şentop, said "there was a game being established in this region. Turkey broke this game and that terrorist organizations are being used by some countries as part of the "new colonialism" order”.

 “Firstly, they destabilise the countries through the means of the terrorist organisations. Then using this as a pretext, they intervene to the countries. The game for Syria was obvious. In one way, Syria was destabilised. The backdrop for intervention by the Western countries was provided. In the other way, as an ultimate target Turkey was tried to be destabilised, by a terrorist treat, risk and terrorist activities against Turkey in an area created for the terrorist organisation which we call Syria’s PKK just in the Southern border of Turkey. Turkey has given this game away with its operation. They couldn’t understand because they thought only they can set up a game, at least no one can set up a game without their approval. Turkey has accomplished this. Turkey has given a game away which was tried to be set up here. All these crying and screams are about that.”

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey also replied a question regarding the criticisms by the European countries against Turkey:

“The European countries are entirely out of scope. They are behaving like a know it all. It is Turkey that is struggling with the terrorist organisations in this region. One of those is PKK/PYD. The other one is DAESH. It is Turkey who suffered the most from DAESH. Both the most suffered and the struggling one is Turkey. Turkey while keeping this struggle is encountering the powers active in the region and negotiating with them. USA was effective in East Euphrates, and now Russia is effective, talks are being held with Russia on the given areas. It is probably that the European countries are gathering and telling jokes to each other, because those talks have no effect. What kind of a power and act Germany has regarding the region and what will Germany decide. Because up till today, they got used to this. They are setting the game and implementing; but the European countries have no longer the power in this field. Turkey did not act secretly. For years, our government authorities forthcoming the President have clearly explained to all the world what is going on and what we want to do.

Şentop has said the following, regarding the question on condemnation of Turkey by the Arab League following the operation peace spring:

“Is Syria an active member of the Arab League? Not, as far as I remember the Arab League has suspended the membership of Syria. If they are highly considering Syria, if they are acting sincerely, we expect them to turn it into active membership.

We consider the attitudes towards Turkey by the nations, publics living in the Arabic countries as they understand Turkey. Those who stand against Turkey are the countries who doesn’t owe their presence to their people’s will and keep their presence with the power of some other countries. No one should take an offense.

How many political power there are in the Arabic countries who are independent, solely deciding on own will and taking decisions by thinking own people’s interests? I am specifically saying for the putschists. The coup plotter administration in Egypt owes its own presence to its people or to the USA President who call it as “where is my dictator” or to the support of Europe? No one should take an offense. We want to keep our friendship, respects and relations with the Arabic countries, our Arab brothers. Turkey never sacrificed from its principles. However no one should expect that we will take seriously the attitude towards Turkey of those who are gathering and taking decisions with the instructions from some western countries by inclining ears.”