Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey attended the Conference on the Speakers of the European Parliaments organized at the European Council. 24.10.2019

Dr. Mustafa Sentop, Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly started his speech at the meeting of European Parliament Speakers, stating that he especially cares about the "Our Home Europe" session.

Speaker Şentop noted that people can have some good results, principles, values, mechanisms and institutions for protecting and developing them through very long struggles and studies. Şentop also pointed out that as the time passed, the next generations tried to maintain that institutions and mechanisms by forgetting the reasons of existence, without considering the purpose of existence, and sometimes by turning away from that purpose into a routine.

Speaker Şentop who expressed that "When we look back, we realize that we have forgotten why and where we set off. 'Is the place we are in is the place where we want to arrive when we leave?' to ask this question, that is why we set out on the road frequently, will make our efforts to realize our goals and objectives more meaningful and more productive” continued as "I see the title 'Our Home Europe' as an occasion not only because it will be the basis for expressing certain rhetoric, certain repetitions, certain beauties, but also as a means to conduct a well-intentioned internal evaluation, an internal inquiry."

Speaker Şentop contiued as such:

It does not date back to a very long time ago as is supposed that the political, legal and institutional values of European origin were established, developed and expanded to the World. We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the principles, values, mechanisms, and institutions. 70 years is even shorter than the average human life span. Therefore, our assessments of today and tomorrow are of great importance.

We have to fully grasp and understand what is going on in the world with all its reality, naked truth and heartbreaking aspect even though it is completely against us and includes allegations against us as well as our liabilities. Otherwise, some of our friends will speak with European values rhetoric, meanwhile racism rises, Islamophobia builds and anti-Semitism and xenophobia reach their peak in Europe; wars, conflicts, massacres and deaths continue to occur in many geographies in the world; the international terrorism, which is used as a tool to destabilize states, countries and geographies and make them vulnerable to foreign intervention and which I think originates from the West, grows and strengthens; the insatiable imperial hunger sets off with the slogan ''rush to petrol'' and starts to make the Middle East and Mediterranean regions the center of conflicts, and democracy and human rights become a disguise for controlling the strategic regions and the hunger for petrol.

There is a saying I like very much: ''One remembers the way one learned''

“How did Europe learn the values we refer to today? The 19th century saw severe colonialism, human trafficking, taking other geographies' wealth away, and fairly to say, a capital accumulation made with ''black money''. The First World War, which was started to increase the number of colonies and controlled markets and during which nearly 20 million people were killed... The Second World War, which was started because the results of the previous one did not please anyone and during which nearly 70 million people were killed... The greatest massacres of human history took place in our geography. The bloodiest and longest wars took place in these lands we talk about. The perpetrator of these wars and deaths were neither the Middle Eastern peoples nor African peoples. It is clear that the perpetrator is Europe.”

The Speaker of the GNAT stressed that Europe should not forget this background and said:

“If we do not try to understand what is really going on in the world with sincerity and empathy and fail to see the states and peoples in other geographies, all the peoples of the world, as equal children of Adam and Eve instead of considering our best interest, then we will keep fooling ourselves with ''European Values'' rhetoric sitting in our glass house and we will be out of the game.

First of all, we will believe that the European Values are values that should apply to all people. We will not use these values as a tool for exploitation, occupation, and financial gain. We will not use democracy and human rights as a tool for intervening in other countries' internal affairs. We will not be followers of democracy when it is convenient and then pat coupists, who overthrow democracy, on the back when it is of our interest.”

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, saying that “Secondly, we will leave double standards.” has continued his words as follows: “People do not only inhabit European cities. People live in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America as well. People just like us. They deserve human rights, democracy and humane living conditions as much as we do. We will not protect the extensions of a terrorist organization which tries to divide Turkey, and support the coupist who wiped out democracy from Egypt and then talk about democracy. We will say democracy for Egypt as well.

If we do not consider the dissolving of a party that was found to cooperate with a separatist terror organization in Turkey to be the same as when the European Court of Human Rights approved the dissolving of Batasuna party while delivering speeches about democracy at the time, then our sincerity concerning democracy is disputable...”

Stressing that “There is no such world any more where some countries only have the rights and others only have the liabilities.”, the Speaker of the Parliament has continued as follows: “We should realize this. Every state has rights and every state has liabilities.

The world where we say ''we set the game rules and other states only play'' has come to an end. If you still live in that world, then you are out of the game.

The number of countries who decide for themselves and make decisions to serve only their peoples' interest increases rapidly in the world.

Making the world livable for all of us is only possible by establishing a livable world for all people.”