Speaker Mustafa Şentop attended the MIKTA Speakers’ Summit in Mexico (Intercontinental Economic Cooperation) formed by Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia. 07.11.2019

Monica Fernandez Balboa, the President of the Mexican Senate, inaugurated the 5th Advisory Meeting of the MIKTA Speakers’ Conference hosted by the Mexican Senate in the Senate building. Following Balboa's speech, the Speakers of the MIKTA countries who took part in the summit took a family photo.

Balboa then gave the Speakers of the Parliaments a tour of the historic Mexican Senate building where the summit was held and held a private meeting with the Speakers respectively. Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop, made a reference to the process of MIKTA which began with the meeting of the foreign ministers of five member countries in his opening speech.

Pointing out the importance of considering such a structure in 2013, Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey said “There are new quests for international grounds in the world where the parliamentary diplomacy is prominent. There are structures, some of which are regional, some have come together on different missions, some are wider and like Eurasia and Asian Parliamentary Assemblies. ”

Speaker Şentop emphasized that parliamentary diplomacy is leading the way for new searches since the current international organizations, especially the UN, have problems in achieving their goals.

Stating that MİKTA meetings started in 2013 has a very important feature,  Speaker Şentop pointed out that it has a coverage that covers almost the whole world from Asia, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico and the American Continent.

Şentop said, “when we combine these, a world picture emerges. 5 countries are also G 20 countries and countries with parliamentary democracy, countries with open economies.” He pointed out that efforts should be made to make MIKTA a much more effective parliamentary ground.