Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Professor Mustafa Sentop delivered a speech at the opening of the 12th Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) titled "The Role of Multilateral Cooperation among Asian Parliaments" which was held in Antalya with the participation of speakers of parliaments and parliamentary delegations from 42 member countries and observers. 14.12.2019

Şentop emphasized that Turkey attaches great importance to the Asian Parliamentary Assembly and that the consultations made here will provide important contributions for the construction of a world where countries and peoples can live in peace. Şentop said that APA has strengthened the inter-parliamentary cooperation in terms of economic and social relations as well as welfare and peace issues in the Asian region.

Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, said that, some parts of Asia still faces many challenges as in many other parts of the world such as hunger, infectious diseases and natural disasters. And he continued his speech as follows;

We, as Turkey, intend to shape the dynamics around us in the direction of peace, prosperity and stability. We have been exerting utmost effort to ensure the stability and end of the civil war in Syria. We are hosting around 3.6 million Syrians in our country at the moment. We are continuing our struggle with the terrorist organizations threatening the future of Syria such as DEASH, PKK and YPG. . In this direction, the efforts we have put in the way of returning our Syrian brothers and sisters to their homeland in the safest and healthiest way will eventually bear fruit.

Şentop said that terrorism is the common scourge of the whole world without differentiating the geography. Being aware of this fact, we are at the forefront of the fight against international terrorism. We are taking concrete steps to mobilize the international community in the fight against diseased understandings that threaten world peace and human well-being such as terrorism, xenophobia, racism and islamophobia.

FETÖ terrorist organization, which attempted a coup in Turkey in 2016, has been operating in many countries under the guise of NGOs and educational institutions. He continued his speech as follows:

"I want to remind that this organization is also a threat to your countries as well as Turkey. No terrorist organization is not different from each other.  DEASH and PKK / PYD / YPG are identical. All are pursuing the same dishonorable and cursed purposes, which will keep people away from living like human beings. At this point, we do not accept the distinction of good or bad terrorist '. We want all our friends to act in the awareness of this fact. We believe that the voices raising when it comes to DAESH should be raised for the PKK, FETÖ and others "

Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT expressed that we exhibited an active attitude in the Palestinian issue, Şentop added that occupation, and cruelty and injustice are not the fate of Palestine. “We invite all countries and primarily Israel to respect to the UN resolutions and the historical and legal status of Jerusalem”.

Speaker Şentop said that they would continue to support the efforts for the establishment of peace and end of the violence in Afghanistan.

I would like to express before your precious presence that as Turkey, we reject the resolution on 1915 events adopted by US Senate distorting the historical facts and ignoring the international law. Mustafa Şentop said that the decision which has not any legal value and will not bind the Senate after the election period is a part of a dirty political game. He added that this is a worthless attitude of reading history on the basis of the simple interests of arbitrary and everyday politics.