Decisions were taken to strengthen TURKPA's activities at the 9th General Assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries (TURKPA) held in Azerbaijan. 18.12.2019

The meeting in Baku was attended by Mustafa Sentop, Speaker of GNAT, Oktay Asadov, Speaker of Azerbaijan National Assembly, Nurlan Nigmatulin, President of Kazakhstan Parliament, Dastanbek Cumabekov, President of Kyrgyz Parliament and the delegation under the chairmanship of Uzbekistan Parliament Speaker Tanzila Narbayeva as observer and TURKPA Secretary General Altinbek Mamayusupov.

Speaking at the meeting, Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of GNAT said, global organizations such as the United Nations and the UN Security Council have turned into a system that cannot see the regional problems of the region with the eyes of the region and working in the interests of the dominant states with a double standard.

Referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement, "the world is greater than five", Şentop said, "The world is no longer the old world. Almost everyone in the new world takes its place in the international arena even at the individual scale in parallel with the opportunities provided by technology. One of the most natural consequences of this is that the representatives of nations, parliamentarians and parliamentary structures are increasing their international presence and effectiveness day by day. "

Şentop stressed that they attach importance to the development of cooperation in crimes such as terrorism against humanity and said:

“I would like to state that, fighting against especially FETO, PKK and PYD is the top priority of our country's national security issue. We expect from member countries to take decisive measures for the activities of FETO and their presence in their countries and conclude the process concerning the extradition and assets freeze request made by Turkey. First of all, we need to strengthen our cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organized crime organizations in accordance with the law of brotherhood and then the parliamentary diplomacy we carry out under this roof. "

Nurlan Nigmatulin, Speaker of the Parliament of Kazakhstan emphasized that the development of inter-parliamentary cooperation is important for further consolidation of cooperation between Turkish states.

Nigmatulin said that Turkish states should make use of all opportunities to deepen the common interests and brotherhood relations.

Speaker of Kyrgyzstan Parliament, Mr. Cumabekov stated that TURKPA is a constructive force in terms of strengthening the friendship between the Turkish states and their peoples.

Cumabekov said that as Kyrgyzstan they will work with all their forces to make TURKPA more powerful.

Uzbekistan Parliament Speaker Tanzila Narbayeva stated that they are very happy to be attending TURKPA meeting for the first time.

Narbayeva stated that they see TURKPA as an important platform that contributes to the development of relations between Turkish states and they are positive to become a full member of TURKPA.

Following the speeches of the heads of delegations, it was decided to establish the Turkish World Women MPs Group and the Young Parliamentarians Group of Turkish World. After the meeting ended with the acceptance of the declaration, the participants took a family photo.

Following the meeting, the Speakers of the participating parliaments held a press conference.

Asadov, President of the Azerbaijan National Assembly, stated that the declaration supported the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict within the framework of international law.

Asadov announced that the 10th General Assembly of TURKPA will be held in Kazakhstan in 2020.

Speaking at the meeting, Parliament Speaker Sentop said they made some improvements to the TURKPA legislation and said, “We are strengthening the structure of TURKPA”

We strengthen TURKPA by diversifying its corporate infrastructure. We strive to ensure that other sister countries that are not members of TÜRKPA are also included in this structure. I hope that Uzbekistan will join TURKPA as a member soon. We expect the same for Turkmenistan. It is our duty to strengthen TURKPA and make it an effective structure in the international arena. "