Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey handed over the presidency of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries (TÜRKPA) to Oktay Asadov, President of the Azerbaijan National Assembly. 18.12.2019

Nurlan Nigmatulin, the Speaker of the Assembly of Kazakhstan, Dastanbek Cumabekov, the President of the Assembly of Kyrgyzstan and the Secretary General of TURKPA, Altinbek Mamayusupov attended the Meeting of the Speakers of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic Speaking Countries held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

Şentop, Speaker of GNAT and Term President of TURCPA , who opened the meeting, said he was pleased to see TURKPA getting stronger every year.

Şentop emphasized that TURKPA, which has completed its 11th year and has significant experience as an international organization, will continue to provide greater services in the future than it is today continued his speech :

“In order to have peace and tranquility in the world, we desire to reach peace, order, justice and development in every corner of Turkish territories. Therefore, we strive for the development of our relations and cooperation between us in every field. We stand side by side not only on the good day, but also on the bad day. We saw the best example of this at the Presidents' Summit of the Turkic Speaking Countries Cooperation Council organized in October. The support given to the Fountain of Peace Operation conducted by Turkey in the region to bring peace and stability is very meaningful for us.”

Şentop also expressed his pleasure to invite the delegations of Uzbekistan and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the General Assembly Meeting to be held today and said that he hoped that TURKPA will unite the Assemblies of all independent Turkish states under its roof in the near future.

After his speech, Şentop presented the gavel symbolizing the presidency to Asadov, President of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, and handed over the TURKPA Presidency to Azerbaijan.