Issue: So-called Israel-Palestine Peace Plan of the United States of America. 29.01.2020

The plan in question which has been prepared by the USA Government with an approach that excludes the State of Palestine, one of the parties of the conflict, that is unilateral and that is far from being just is in total contradiction to the resolutions of the United Nations and the perspective of two-state solution.

This plan, instead of ensuring a ground for negotiation between the parties, aims to provide international legitimization to the invasion maintained by Israel in the lands of Palestine with decades spent for gaining depth in these lands, including the heart of humanity, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and intends to impose this on the Palestine party. What is desired to be done is to turn the invasion process into annexation. Disregarding the basic rights and freedoms, primarily those of the people of Palestine's right to self-determination, and ignoring the international law and justice, by making such an important issue that is directly of interest to peace, security and stability of the whole Middle East an issue of domestic affairs is distressing and exemplary.

The so-called peace plan of the USA Government, who has lost the Palestine party's trust by the policies it has pursued until today in the most basic areas of the problem, such as the status of Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugees' right of return and the illegal settlements is stillborn. This attempt that ignores the vision of two-state solution and that involves suggestions that mean the violation of the basic principles of international law, primarily those of the related resolutions of the United Nations, bears no possibility of being accepted by the international community.

Hereby, we underline once again that the solution for the Israel-Palestine issue can only be possible by the emergence of a State of Palestine, that is founded on the 1967 borders, with its capital at East Jerusalem and that is sovereign and manifesting in geographical continuity. Turkey shall not support any attempts that do not pay regard to the basic rights and freedoms of the people of Palestine and that are not accepted by the State of Palestine and its people, and will continue to defend the legitimate rights of the people of Palestine on all platforms against the oppressions, impositions and invasions, in unity and solidarity with the members of the international community who has conscience and bears responsibility.

On the basis of our opinions that we have listed above and as all political parties that have a parliamentary group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, we ignore and condemn regretfully the so-called peace plan disclosed by the USA Government regarding the conflict of Israel-Palestine that, at its heart, intends for instability and conflict.