Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of GNAT, answered the questions of journalists in the Parliament regarding the so-called Middle East peace plan, which was announced by US President Donald Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.29.01.2020

Şentop, Speaker of GNAT said "Yesterday, the US President made a statement about Palestinian territories and even Syrian territories, taking Israel's prime minister next to him who is undergoing a trial currently for corruption. He said this is a plan for the Middle- East peace, Israel-Palestine peace but it is clear that it will fuel conflicts rather than peace in the region. "

Expressing that Israel's claims and claims of ownership of the lands it occupies have been approved by the USA, Şentop said that US President Trump might act as if he holds the title of the world, and that he thinks that he can make decisions about the third countries’s lands  such as Syria which is a terrible picture in terms of law.

Şentop, Speaker of GNAT, continued as the following:

 "There is law in the international arena as in every field. If there is no law, the use of force is banditry. The name of this is international banditry. In addition, regardless of the demands of the Palestinian people, their theses and opinions on this issue, there is an attitude that can be understood as a support to Netanyahu's election campaign with a unilateral declaration. Yesterday I had expressed my opinion about it. Today, I met with the deputy chairs of the groups of the political parties in the GNAT. I hope they will make a statement on behalf of the parliament with a common statement condemning it and expressing its inaccuracy. This topic has a long history.

Israel's occupation has been continuing on the Palestinian land since 1947. Different regions are also occupied in later conflicts. International law and UN resolutions are clear on this issue. The occupation of Israel was expressed by international organizations, especially the UN, and it was decided. This attitude of the USA will be a major obstacle to peace not only in the region but also in the world.

When we look at the past of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it has been seen that it is impossible to achieve some gains in the region by using force by now. The USA is trying to try the same way by using its power. The past 70 years has shown that this is not possible. It will not be possible. I invite all countries to respect international law and the decisions of international organizations, especially the UN, to respect the sovereign rights of countries. "

Mustafa Şentop reminded a journalist's question about the developments in Idlib that the de-escalation position was established in the region within the framework of the Astana process, especially in the framework of talks that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaker Şentop mentioned that" The parties had to comply with it. Some actions of the regime forces did not comply with it and there had been some violations.  Turkey has also a task that controls the de-escalation in the observation point there. This is a situation that occurs as a result of the reconciliations. Necessary discussions and negotiations are held with regard to the party that violates this agreement”.