Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey made an assesment about the attacks of the Syrian regime in Idlib "Turkey respects the territorial integrity of its neighbors. But we can not remain indifferent to the attacks of the terrorist organizations against our country and citizens who are fed with the instability in the south of our country” 03.02.2020

In his statement from his social media account, Speaker of the GNAT, Mustafa Şentop, stated that as a result of the regime attack against the soldiers whose aim were to prevent conflicts in the region, there were martyrs and injured soldiers and that he was  deeply sorry because of the incident.

Wishing mercy to the martyrs and condolences to their relatives and urgent healing to the wounded, Parliament Speaker Şentop said in his statement:

“Turkey respects the territorial integrity of its neighbors. But we cannot be indifferent to the attacks of terrorism that are nourished by instability in the South of our country against our country and citizens. The legitimacy of steps based on international law and our presence in the region is unquestionable. Turkey is a country that always abides by the alliance and keeps its words; It is a country whose priority is to fight against against terrorism, which it regards as an enemy of humanity. 

Our determination to fight terrorism is certain and our strength is complete. Our attitude towards those who see terrorism as a method of struggle and negotiation will not change.

We see the fight against terrorism as our responsibility towards our nation, our debt to our martyrs and our primary duty for future generations. The attacks targeting Turkey will be reciprocated and repelled. I extend my condolences to my citizens and my nation and may the spirits of our martyrs be peaceful."