Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey sent a letter of condemnation to the President of the European Parliament (EP) David Maria Sassoli due to the meeting held on 5-6 February under the roof of the EP and attended by PKK leaders. 07.02.2020

Speaker Şentop’s letter to the President of the EP is as follows:

“I am deeply disappointed to learn that terrorist propaganda has been made in an informal meeting carried out with the participation of the members of PKK, which had been enlisted as a terrorist organization by European Union, on February 5-6 under the roof of European Parliament, of which you are the President. I strongly condemn this scandalous event.

The event in question is a total embarrassment for the European Parliament, which supposedly defends the rule of law and the universal values. I regret to express that the developments in the event did not serve any other purpose rather than justifying and legitimizing terrorism and terrorist organizations. This event has caused a deep wound in the heart and conscience of the Turkish people, who have sacrificed tens of thousands of citizens to terrorist attacks for almost four decades.

The European Parliament allowing this event to be held under the EP roof, contradicted with its own guidelines, by violating the decision of the Presidential Bureau dated 2 October 2017, on which the members of terrorist organizations were prohibited from entering the EU buildings.

Terrorism is a phenomenon that has no religion, language or race and is fed completely by the blood of innocent people. It should be noted that terrorism is not only the enemy of Turkey but also the common enemy of Europe and the world. Some members of the European Parliament, who support PKK ringleaders today, should not forget that terrorist organizations that does not bound by any norms or moral values, would point their weapons tomorrow to the people and institutions that they call friends today.

In this context, I invite all EU institutions primarily the European Parliament, to combat against terrorism without any discrimination and double-standards with consistent and sincere approach.”