Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assemby of Turkey made a statement on his social media account about the racist attack in Hanau, Germany. Şentop then answered the question of journalists on the subject. 20.02.2020

The statement of Mustafa Şentop is as follows:

“The last point of racist terrorism in Germany is the Hanau attack, where Turks are also targeted. German administrators in particular, Western officials in general should fight terrorism in their own country, not far away. Cursing the attack, I wish mercy on those who lost their lives.

Unless Europe takes measures to say “stop” to rising racist attacks, these attackers find the courage to commit more massacres. These massacres also make government administrations responsible for implicit support by not giving the criminals the punishment they deserve.

We hope that Germany is fully aware of its responsibility this time and continues the investigation meticulously; it really shows the attitude that this is a racist attack. Otherwise, It must see that racists will cause greater trouble for itself.”

Following the meeting with Ivan Brajovic, Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Sentop, answered the question of journalists and said the following:

“I was deeply sorry when I received the news. We are following with concern that racist structures and  activities are developing in Germany. Especially in the actions taken against the Turkish citizens living in Germany, these dimensions really raise serious concerns for us. While European countries are carrying out some efforts to combat terrorism in various parts of the world, especially in Germany, they should put forward to prevent the rise of xenophobic terrorism in their own countries. Germany now needs to realize its responsibility in real terms and take necessary measures against terrorist activities of racist Nazi origin, and essentially it must firstly accept it.

I hope that from now on, more attention and diligence will be shown on this issue, we must fight against racist and Nazi-based terrorism, and this event must warn us about this.”