Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey made a statement about the attack in İdlib. 28.02.2020

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey  underlined the following in his message:

"The military operations launched against terrorist elements have never targeted the territorial integrity of another country; Turkey has repeatedly demonstrated that he has taken steps to establish regional security and peace as well as his own security. However, the Republic of Turkey is facing great suffering at this point taking into account the developments. Our Turkish Armed Forces, which was wanted to be taken in the region by the forces that mixed countries with proxy wars, lost 33 lives in the face of the attacks of the Syrian regime forces and their supporters. Our wounded soldiers were treated. Turkey, is the sole address in its region of peace, tranquility and security. But no matter what power or alliance he faces, he responds to every attack against him. It was demonstrated by the military moves carried out immediately after the attacks that the blood of our martyrs would not remain on the ground. This response will continue to be given in the hardest, most stable and result-oriented manner on all grounds. Turkey is a great state, a powerful state. Of course, the pain that burns the hearts of mothers, throws fire to the hearths and deeply injures us all is of course great. We are mourning nationally for our martyrs. Large states continue their way, not in words, but in the field. Turkey's response to the attacks against him continues in a stable and continuous manner. Turkey is not alone. Our army, which struggles under the most difficult conditions for the existence and integrity of its country, is not alone. Behind them are the saint Turkish nation, who supported Mehmetçik with the gunshots carried by the canons in absence and troubles and created the greatest power in winning the War of Independence. Our unity and solidarity is the greatest target of the forces that attack us and lack any legitimacy. Turkey is not a state to remain silent in the face of any attack or flagrant intervention in any part of the world. Let the spirits of our saint martyrs rest in peace. I wish speedy recovery to our injured people. While all attempts of diplomacy continue in the international level, any attack targeting our country in the field will receive the most severe response."