Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey answered the questions of journalists in the Assembly regarding the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19). 11.03.2020

Stating that they are in contact with Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Health, Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of GNAT said that they were carrying out the related works and that Minister Koca would send his team to the Assembly. Şentop said, "They will meet with our bureaucrats here. If we need to take additional measures, we will take them."

Regarding whether the group meetings will be closed to citizens or whether there will be a ban on the entry of visitors, Mustafa Şentop said, "Perhaps the restrictions on visitor entry may be considered, not the closing of group meetings. We need to discuss this with our Ministry of Health. We will discuss this. Then, I will meet with the  Group Chairmen of our Parties and we will take necessary measures accordingly”

Upon a question about the thermal camera, Speaker Şentop replied, "It may be a thermal camera, but if there are restrictions on this visitor entrance, maybe it will not be needed. We have not decided yet."

Reminding the foreign delegations coming to the parliament, Mustafa Şentop, said that the visits from abroad decreased to a great extent and that it was close to zero, and that the deputies and commissions visits to abroad would be postponed, with a few exceptions.

Answering a question about whether to carry out disinfectant work in the assembly or not, Şentop stated that they are evaluating the issue with the Ministry of Health and that they will do it if anything else is needed.

Upon the question of a  journalist as, "Do you give any special information to the deputies returning from abroad or do you follow them?  Mustafa Şentop said, "Before they go, our Ministry of Health is providing information on this issue.

Reminding that politics is a close contact, upon asking the deputies for their suggestions, the Speaker of the Parliament, Şentop, said:

“I suggest some distance contact. We usually say, 'Nothing will happen to us, nothing will happen to me.' There is such an approach by not just politicians, but our citizens in general. However there may be possible to harm the other party. It is beneficial for everyone to act according to the statements made by our Ministry of Health. "

Stating that Turkey has managed a very good process in this regard, Mustafa Şentop stated, "I thank our Minister of Health in this sense, I would like to congratulate him. Since the necessary precautions are not taken tightly in many countries in due time in the world, there has been a much faster spread including the European countries. Turkey managed this process in a very successful manner and had a good conclusion. After that, if everyone does their responsibilities, if they act carefully within the framework of the statements of our health officials, doctors and the Ministry of Health, we hope that we will overcome this process more easily”

On the question of whether there is a special method of greeting, Şentop said, "There is no need for such strange things. We have it. We put our hands on our hearts just like our President does. It is a method that our nation has used as a method of greeting for years.