A ceremony was held in the first building of the GNAT on the occasion of the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day and the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. 23.04.2020

The ceremony was attended by Mustafa Şentop,  Speaker of GNAT, Fuat Oktay, Vice President,  Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Chairman of the Republican People’s Party, Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, Hulusi Akar,  Minister of National Defense, Devlet Bahçeli, Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party,  Yaşar Güler, Chief of General Staff, Gen. Umit Dündar, Commander of the Land Forces, Admiral Adnan Özbal, Commander of the Naval Forces, Gen. Hasan Küçükakyüz, Air Force Commander and some deputies.

The ceremony started with listening to the voice recording of Sinop MP Şerif Bey, who made the first speech in the First Assembly, observing one moment of silence and reading the National Anthem.

As the Speaker of the Parliament,  Şentop started his speech here, he said that 100 years after MP Şerif bey quoted these words, “100 years later, on April 23, I am very excited and proud to repeat these words in the same place. " used the expression.

Reminding that the country was facing invasion and annexation, and the nation was threatened with destruction 100 years ago, Şentop emphasized that a brave and noble voice was raised in the hearts of the representatives of the nation coming from all over the country. Mustafa Şentop explained that this hall was the place where that noble cry was declared to the whole world and where the invader felt it like a slap on his ugly face.

Stating that Hacı Bayram Veli Holiness, who gave Ankara an identity, was gathered before his spiritual presence and the first session was started after the Friday prayer was performed, Şentop stated that the words used by Şerif Bey at the opening of the Assembly were one of the most valuable challenges in the most difficult period of the country's history.

Şentop, who stated that with the invasion of Istanbul,  the state center became inoperable, stated that there was a problem of domination in these lands, which were lived as a state for more than 700 years, reminded Mustafa Kemal Pasha's words as the first president of the Assembly that showed this sensitivity.

Mustafa Şentop said, "On April 23, 1920, 100 years ago, this small hall was filled with such a large and so powerful meaning. First of all, the declaration that we are alive as a state, a political entity with the ideal of full independence. All of this has risen on the shoulders of people who came together in this physically small building, with very difficult conditions and impossibilities but who possess great ideals and claims, huge courage and big hearts. "

Şentop emphasized that history is not only the sum of past events and a series of chronologies, but that history can be progressive if nations are used to increase their building abilities, so they are not only gathered to commemorate a proud event in the past, but to praise the ancestors, the main reason for their gathering is to grasp the meaning and spirit of the Supreme Assembly.

“It should be known that this sacred roof has great meaning and inspiration, and its soul is encompassing because this Assembly is the embodiment of a nation that stands up to show full will of independence while all the conditions encourage thinking the opposite, "Mustafa Şentop said ,the Parliament was not  not only an inspiration for the Turkish nation but also for the whole oppressed people of the world and continued as:

“This Assembly, which we celebrate for the 100th anniversary of its opening, is the monumental power of our nation that boldly beats the difficulties and bullies instead of cowering  in the face of difficulties and we are here to listen to what this monument tells us, to digest it and guide us. Founded 100 years ago and under harsh conditions, this veteran Assembly embraced all the elements and differences that constitute our nation. In that founding Assembly there were members of parliament from different professions such as soldiers, administrators, lawyers, civil servants, clergymen, teachers, doctors, pharmacists, diplomats, police officers, farmers, tradesmen. The common ideal of all of them was to live fully independently under the flag of the moon and stars, which waves freely in our skies. 100 years ago, Mehmet Akif and Cami Baykurt, Diyap Ağa and Hamdullah Suphi, Hüseyin Avni Ulaş and Kılıç Ali, Hasan Basri Çantay and Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, Ali Şükrü Bey and Adnan Adıvar were fighting side by side for the same purpose in those benches. However, the main example to be taken was that they preferred to put their political ambitions and desires for power aside and to fight for the homeland and independence, leaving everything aside when it comes to the interests of the nation”.

Parliament Speaker Şentop has underlined the progressive attitude adopted by the Republic of Turkey in an era in the world that the children and the women were neglected in terms of acquiring their rights was always an issue to be proud of.

Şentop, who expressed that April 23, which is important for the nation, was also celebrated as a children's holiday since 1927 is very important and emphasized the importance of equipping children and young people with national and moral values who are capable of standing on their own feets, loving independence and freedom and raising them as individuals  with the equipment and qualifications required by the century.

Emphasizing that all the ministries and non-governmental organizations, especially the Ministry of Education, have a great duty, Mustafa Şentop said, "As a nation, it is our priority to raise our children in healthy conditions and prepare them for tomorrow. But we do not want them only for our own children. Unfortunately, today's world order consists of blood, war, hunger and poverty that make it impossible to satisfy even the most basic needs for most of the humanity. Unfortunately, the first victims of these negativities are women and children. Our duty as a whole humanity is to change this world order which is worse than those ignorant people that buried their girls alive and establish a fair sharing order”.

Emphasizing that the 100th anniversary of the opening of the  Grand National Assembly of Turkey was the day of gratitude to those who made a great effort for the  veteran Assembly, Speaker Şentop said:

“On this occasion, I commemorate all of our deputies and statesmen who have served under the umbrella of the Turkish Grand National Assembly since the day it is  opened, especially Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his fellow fighters and  finally those children of the country who resisted the coup on July 15 and who became martyrs with mercy and gratitude.”

After his speech, the Speaker of the Parliament, Sentop, signed the Special Book of Parliament and took a photo with the accompanying people in front of the Turkish Flag, which was hanged in the Parliament 100 years ago and is displayed in the window today.