Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of GNAT was the guest of the program "Weekend with Hakan Çelik" on CNN Turkish Television. 14.06.2020

Mustafa Şentop , Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, who answered the questions of Çelik about the developments on the agenda said the following about some of the issues, firstly regarding the fight against coronavirus:

“This is a very important issue. The current numbers are worrying and saddening. You know, we had a very difficult process. We had an important struggle especially with the recommendations of our Ministry of Health and the Committee on Science. The more precautions we take, the more our citizens comply with those precautions, the more we get results.

Turkey has been undergoing a very successful struggle until now. In fact, the whole world is moving in uncertainty with some predictions. But the whole world makes a start by saying can we slowly go back to normal? It is necessary to see this as a test. God forbid, if the numbers increase, new measures should be taken.

We have 3 simple measures ahead of us. Paying attention to hygiene, the second is to use the mask as specified and finally to follow the social distance. There are those who have recently perceived the relaxation of these measures as if we had returned to the pre-epidemic period, but this is not the case. It is necessary to continue by obeying the rules. Otherwise, we may have to increase the measures. "

Şentop also said the following about the critical statement made by the US authorities regarding the 8-year and 9-month sentence of Metin Topuz, a staff at the US Consulate General in Istanbul:  
"The decision regarding Metin Topuz is a court decision. Evidence was collected during a long trial process and the court made a decision. There is a possibility to appeal, it can be evaluated. But ultimately it is a judicial decision."

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey also evaluated the debates of opening Hagia Sophia for worship. "Our nation has a desire in its heart as a mosque" said Sentop."Actually, there should be no discussion about Hagia Sophia. From 1453 to 1931, Hagia Sophia continued to exist as a mosque. Since then, there is an implementation with the decision of the Council of Ministers. In the hearts of our entire nation, it is desirable for Hagia Sophia to continue as a mosque. For many years, many politicians, intellectuals and poets had statements. There is a process. There is a judicial process, we should wait for it. My desire and the desire of our nation is to open as a mosque like the Sultanahmet and other sister mosques around Hagia Sophia. There is a process soon related to the legal basis of this, we wait for it. Hagia Sophia belongs to Turkey. The statements of other countries have no reputation at all. They have no value neither in our country nor in politics and law. "