Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of GNAT, evaluated the agenda at TRT News , answered the questions. 16.06.2020

To the question regarding the measures taken in the Turkish Grand National Assembly within the scope of the fight against coronavirus, Speaker Şentop stated that they have been trying to act according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee and  taken measures since the first days of the pandemic. Şentop, who stated that the most protective and important of these measures is to impose a restriction on visitors to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey continued that "We had a number of 8-10 thousands visitors daily. Those visitors coming from all parts of Turkey and from abroad could bring the virus here and from here to other places as well. We brought an early limitation because of this. Restriction for visitors to Parliament still continues and will be useful to continue. Therefore, we will be concerned about the spread of the epidemic if the restriction is lifted. "

Sentop said that disinfectants are provided for use in rooms and halls for the sake of hygiene, and masks are distributed in the works of the Commission and the Plenary Assembly in the Parliament and stated that physical distance was obeyed in this process.  Şentop also emphasized that they disinfect GNAT in certain periods.

"No incident has occurred to upset us badly until today." Şentop said that there were 10 positive cases in such a large complex since the beginning of the process. Şentop underlined that 9 of these cases were the staff of the Parliament and 7 of them were recovered, 1 person was a cameraman of a media organ operating in the complex and that his treatment continued.

Parliament Speaker Şentop said, "We conduct tests once every two days for all the staff who are in contact with these infected staff and who are within this possibility. As of this morning, 420 people were tested, all of them were negative. We also closely monitor the situation of our staff who are infected.”Daha fazla göster