A ceremony was held on July 15 Martyrs' Monument, due to the July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day with the participation of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey and Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of GNAT in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. 15.07.2020

Speaker Şentop welcomed Presidet Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the Parliament. President Erdoğan and Parliament Speaker Şentop left a red carnation, in the area where the bomb was thrown in the garden of the Parliament on the night of July 15, 2016.  Erdogan then received information from Sentop on the July 15 Monument .

The ceremony, which started with a moment of silence and the National Anthem, Ahmed Yedekçi, İmam of the mosque in the Parliament read the Koran and he later prayed.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a speech due to the ceremony held in front of the monument of July 15.  He said that “We express our gratitude to our martyrs, especially on behalf of my nation, who ran for martyrdom in this cause. "I am grateful to our veterans who have been involved in the struggles we have made for these lands that have been irrigated with martyr blood for millennia to become our homeland."

Erdogan said that traitor FETO’s especially attacking the Parliament on the night of  July 15, 2016 was not a random choice and he continued:

“This Assembly is an Assembly established on the battlefield, not at the desk. This Assembly is an Assembly that has triumphed not only struggling with the enemy but also struggling with betrayal. This Assembly is the Assembly that lifts our country to the feet as the hope of our nation after every troubled period. This Assembly is the Assembly that continued to be in the service of the nation while pouring bombs on the top and while pouring ball sounds from Polatlı. This Assembly is an Assembly whose yeast is kneaded by the fire of independence. This Assembly is the Assembly that broke the shackles that tried to be stuck in our nation, by establishing a young Republic from a 700-year-old world-state which is intended to be buried in history. "

Stating that he is honored to serve as a member of such an Assembly for more than 10 years, Erdogan said, "As the President elected by the nation, I am honored to take office by swearing in this Assembly. I am honored to conduct Turkey’s largest management reform with this Parliament. As Prime Minister and President, I am honored to serve my nation with this Assembly for more than 17 years. I am honored to have fought side by side in this Assembly against guardianship, sometimes against coup plotters, sometimes terrorists, and sometimes global powers to establish and protect the superiority of national will."

Emphasizing that he does not know any other Assembly in the world who deserves the title of veteran so much and carries it so much and who shields his body to him when needed. He said “I praise God for granting me the honor of being a member of such a nation.”

Erdogan said, the coup plotters who dropped bombs on the Presidential Complex, the Special Operations Directorate,  Ankara Provincial Police Department and the Parliament building on the night of July 15, knew very well what they were doing.

Erdogan said that the putschists who were passing through the streets of Ankara on the night of 15 July with their tanks and armored vehicles, crushing everyone who came in front of them, were aware of their work and continued as such:

“On the night of July 15, the coup plotters, who turned the weapons that the state entrusted to themselves to protect the country, into the nation, they were touching the triggers completely, deliberately shedding blood, taking lives. Make sure that they would not hesitate to demolish this Assembly so that it does not leave any stones on the stone. If they were able, be sure that they would not hesitate to kill all elected officials, especially the President of the country. If their powers are enough, make sure they would not hesitate to leave our millennial homeland, which we made sacrifices for, to the invaders. If their powers were enough, be sure that those who want to scrape the Turkish nation from Anatolia and Europe and erase all traces of Islam from these lands will be very happy to realize this . Thank you, thanks to the help of Allah and the resistance of our nation, their power was not enough and the coup attempt failed. "

Underlining that July 15 was never an ordinary coup attempt, Erdoğan said:

"It was a historical breaking point behind which there had been great scenarios and plots where we would be dragged into different channels as a country and nation if it was succeeded. I am honest, what happened in Malazgirt happened on July 15 as well. What happened in Kosovo, in Niğbolu happened on July 15 as well. Whatever happened in the conquest of Istanbul happened on July 15 as well. What happened in Çanakkale, the War of Independence, happened  on July 15 . Whatever happened in the fight against terrorism that we gave almost uninterruptedly throughout the history of the Republic, it happened on July 15. In short, July 15 is the last link in the chain of wealth and absence struggles that we have given throughout the centuries we live in these lands. Anyone who is trying to belittle, insignificant, disrepute, and caricature July 15, know that its purpose is to overshadow and deny this deep historical meaning.

When we look at the epics in the world that make nations nation and keep them together for centuries, we see that most of them are behind July 15 in terms of subject and volume. On the other hand, there were no epics out of the massacres and sufferings, such as world wars. Sometimes a single hero changes the fate of a huge nation. On July 15, millions of heroes emerged across our country and marked the future of the entire nation together with them. Our Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and that night here with our MPs defying the putschists with their approach and posture and voice are enough to make 15 July one of the most important sagas in the history of our nation.

President Erdoğan stated that in order to understand the historical turning points of countries and nations, it is necessary to compare before and after such events.

Erdoğan said before  July 15, "Often, we spent a lot of energy without trying to know the reason for the situation we were experiencing, trying to move towards our goals by getting less results. Of course, after a point, we started to see the silhouette of this organization behind the troubles faced by our country. "But, because of the insidious nature of the organization, we were having troubles in  concretizing our findings and taking effective action."

Stating that the first time that the organization has revealed itself blatantly was December 17-25, the security-judicial coup attempt, Erdogan noted that the attacks and betrayals of FETO have increased since this date.

Reminding that the real big move of FETO came on July 15, Erdogan said, "The Supreme Grand National Assembly of Turkey  accelerated the defeat of the coupists by serving effectively that night. With the rapid elimination of FETO cells that were deciphered on July 15, Turkey gained new horizons in all fields and has entered into new moves. The Turkish Armed Forces have begun to carry out their operations one after another, which we have not been able to mobilize for many years. Everywhere from the bureaucracy to the business world, our people have turned their directions to the future with confidence. "

Expressing that  important contributions to the reform agenda of the country with the laws enacted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly have been realized , Erdogan said: "Like the Presidential Government System, implementing the biggest administrative reform in our history has been granted to this Assembly. We said 'one country, one flag, one nation, one state' and we walked our way.”

President Erdoğan also stated that “the Turkish Grand National Assembly, together with our 83 million citizens in our country, is the door of hope for our hundreds of millions of brothers in our region and in the world. Every decision we take, every word we utter, every stance we display, spread over a wide geography with a multiplier effect. We continue on our way with our Assembly, Presidency, diplomacy, army, infrastructure, stronger and more determined both for ourselves and all our friends."

“We have entered a critical  and painful period in the world when the cards are re-mixed ." Erdogan said, “Turkey is at the center of this process with its geographical and strategic location, as well as its cultural and historical accumulation. As a country at the crossroads of three continents, we have to successfully manage this process of transformation. We have to be strong  and stay firm not only for ourselves but for all our neighbors, hundreds of millions of brothers.

We can not allow anyone to snatch us from our goals and to dissuade our great and powerful ideal of Turkey. We cannot tolerate any power hitting new shackles at the feet of our democracy, for whom and for whatever reason. As the late Mehmet Akif said; history repeats only for those who do not receive lessons and who do not learn from their mistakes. As politicians carrying the trust of the nation, we also need to build our future by taking lessons from history. We should definitely take our rightful place especially in the new world order, which seems to be reshaped after the coronavirus outbreak.

Unfortunately, our country has not been able to evaluate many opportunities in the past; our country has wasted its energy due to vicious ideological conflicts and fights. Due to almost every 10 years  repeated coups and undemocratic interventions have sentenced Turkey to second-class democracy and to a foreign-dependent economy.

While Turkey spent its energy with empty discussions unfortunately, many states that started the race under similar conditions made a difference to our country. Behind the historical success achieved in all fields from democracy to economy, from defense to fight against terrorism, from health to agriculture, tourism and transportation in the last 18 years, there is our determination not to fall into this mistake. We never approve the politics of lies, abuse and tension. We did not allow our nation to divide and disintegrate through ethnic, religious and sectarian differences. We will defend the brotherhood and fate partnership of 83 million people. Instead of taking shelter in the shadow of guardianship, we chose to take shelter in the nation's voice. "

Erdoğan who said that he wished to make a sincere call on the fourth annivarsary of July 15, said that “I invite everybody working under the umbrella of the Parliament with a heart full of love for the nation and the country to support our strong cause. Let’s us take care of the safety of our martyrs together. Let's bring this country to 2023 goals together. Let's build our vision of 2053 and 2071 together. Come, let's carry Turkey to the bright future together. When we succeeded this, there will be no obstacle that could block our country and prevent our nation from reaching its goals, with the permission of God. "

Speaker Mustafa Şentop expressed that they came together in the Veteran Parliament in the  4th year anniversary of the attempt where one of the most bloody and treacherous attempt against Turkey has been defeated under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the nation's stability.

Wishing mercy to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the defeat of this flagrant attempt, Parliament Speaker Şentop expressed his wishes for health and good life to the injured veterans that night.

“Our nation has embroidered the heroes of that night as a sign of compassion in his heart and mind," said Parliament Speaker Şentop. He also explained that "First of all, I have to express that we are not here to lament after a mourning ceremony, those who are gone. The purpose and meaning of our meeting together here is to declare the determination that does not allow 15 July betrayel to pass is still alive and the spirit of that noble resistance is still valid.

Pointing out that the societies are advancing and the people who are brought forward with the feeling of martyrdom and sacrifice, Şentop said, "Therefore, our meeting here is for the purpose of paying the debt to the heroes of the society and the martyrs of the nation.”

Şentop, pointing to the 15 July Martyrs Monument behind himself emphasized that this monument was not in vain for it to rise in the garden of  GNAT, which was opened 100 years ago with support from each corner of the country, and that there are two main reasons for this.

Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop continued his words as follows:

"First of all, this great Assembly, which we celebrate its 100th anniversary with pride, has been the headquarters of the national struggle and is a national center that deserves the title of" veteran "with every bit of it. Secondly, on the night of 15 July, one of the main goals of the gang of betrayal, which appeared most clearly with their collaborative identity, was this supreme Assembly, the headquarters of the National Struggle and the manifestation of the national will. They attacked here because they thought that if this national center surrenders, Turkey’s kneeling will be easy. But that was not the case. While the nation resisted at the General Staff junction a little away from this supreme Assembly that night, the honourable members of the Veteran Assembly heroically defended the national will under the bombs, while our security forces and citizens did not pass through the traitors."

Şentop congratulated all deputies, especially İsmail Kahraman,  the thenSpeaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, who resisted in this parliament that night, and said that the nation will always remember them with good wishes.

Speaker of the Parliament, Sentop, said:

" The main reason of the 15 July treacherous coup attempt is Turkey’s ability to become a force that will appeal to the injustice of the present global system.The main reason of the coup attempt is Turkey’s gradually getting stronger in economics, the defense industry, its independent energy outreach efforts, in education, in health, in foreign policy and in many areas.”