Prof Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT has issued a message on the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of July 20 Peace and Freedom Festival. 20.07.2020

Şentop’s message is as follows:

“On the 46th Anniversary of July 20th, 1974 Peace Operation which has restored tranquility, welfare, peace and freedom for Turkish Cypriots by defeating the attempt which aimed ruining Turkish Cypriots’ liberty and existence, I would like to congratulate wholehartedly all Turkish Cypriots on this occasion on behalf of the GNAT and myself.

Cyprus Peace Operation which was carried out 46 years ago today, was performed in order to establish peace in the island and the East Mediterranean in line with the international law after they ran out of all the diplomacy methods. Turkey always chooses to use diplomatic ways in order to find solutions to international issues and considers diplomacy as the main solution. On the other hand, Turkey has full power to make military intervention for humanitarian purposes in order to stop the bloodshed and establish peace if no solutions are found on the diplomacy table despite all efforts on the basis of peace and justice. Cyprus Peace Operation, which was carried out 46 years ago, was also directed towards these purposes and it declared the power and wisdom of the Turkish army to the whole world. Also today the whole world sees our determination on this matter.

Turkey believes that all the issues in the region including the East Mediterranean can be resolved fairly and permanently on the basis of peace. It considers opposing attitudes as threats endangering regional and global peace. On the Cyprus issue, international legitimacy will continue to be among the top of our main principles just as it has been until today. By acting in the framework of this principle, all the countries in the region should acknowledge that Turkey will not make any compromise or have any drawbacks in securing Turkish Cypriots’ and Turkey’s rights and interests in the East Mediterranean.

Turkey has designated its cognates, coreligionists and all the humanity to live in peace as its international policy’s main principle and main purpose. Hence, 1974 Peace Operation is a legitimate and imperative act which was carried out within the scope of Turkey’s right to guarantee, during a time when genocide intentions against Turkish Cypriots were seen explicitly. It should not be forgotten that Turkey has always had the power and determination to use its rights originated from international treaties, to ensure its nation’s safety and to defeat each and every kind of offensive act. Also today, we are more vigilant than ever in protecting Turkish nation’s and its relatives’ rights who live in various geographies and eliminating attacks that they were exposed to.

Turkey will continue to stand by Turkish Cypriots, maintain its unconditional support to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and will be the most important assurance of establishing fair and permanent peace and ensuring peace, freedom, welfare and stability both in the island of Cyprus and in the East Mediterranean.

Having all these in mind, I would like to sincerely congratulate Turkish Cypriots’ Peace and Freedom Festival, remember our statesmen who have contributed to the Operation and our august martyrs who have died fighting for our national cause; commemorate our veterans with gratitude and appreciation, reiterate my well wishes for the well-being and happiness of our Turkish Cypriot brothers.