Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that Turkey will protect its rights and authorities granted to it by the international law and treaties until the end in the East Mediterranean. 09.09.2020

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT answered journalists’ questions regarding the developments in the East Mediterranean after his visit to the Governorship of Izmir.

Speaker Şentop indicated that there would be a technical meeting between Turkish and Greek delegations today, however the meeting was delayed until tomorrow upon the request of the Greek side.

Şentop stated that the Turkish nation has showed what it would do to protect its homeland in the hardest times and reminded that the children of the nation who ran from a war to another and from one front to another for almost 50 years since the 1875s saved our homeland without batting an eye and fought and resisted to the last drop of their blood.

Şentop indicated that, "After all, this is the explanation of why we have been in possession of these lands for a thousand years. We are determined to continue and preserve our existence in these lands. We have showed this."

Şentop stated that Turkey is in a much better level in the fields of economy, military power and technology when compared to what it was 100 years ago and continued his words:

"Turkey is a significant power within its region. It is like this both politically, economically and military wise. Hence, we will protect and defend the rights and authorities granted to us by the international law, international treaties and mutual agreements until the end according to our understanding that includes our homeland as well as the blue homeland. We do not have eyes for anyone’s shred of land or a drop of their water however, we will not allow anyone to have eyes for our land or for the blue homeland. We will scratch their eyes out. Turkey has the power to do that. It has even more power than 100 years ago."

Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT expressed that he thinks Greece should act with commonsense, it must be obliged to respect, review and pay attention to the international law, treaties and Turkey’s rights and authorities mainly in the Aegean sea and in the Mediterranean and continued his words:

"Personal desires of such politicians and their efforts to stand out is very dangerous and risky also for our neighbors with whom we have to live with in this region and we must see that there might be consequences for the Greek people as well. There are also countries which follow Greece and come here or try to make Greece an instrument for their political games and ambitions. France is the main country who does that. I wonder what the French are looking for here, in this region and in the East Mediterranean. Incompetent politicians are trying to cover up their political congestions through several unreasonable, irrational moves like these in the international arena."

Şentop indicated that France is not a country who has had success in the military area in recent history and stated:

"We lastly remember a conflict, a war where the Germans entered Paris within a week in 1940. The number of soldiers in the French army were approximately twice as much as the Germans’. Although the French had newer and more effective weapons and tanks, the German army entered into Paris within a week. Even today, with the latest transportation vehicles it is a bit difficult to go to Paris in a week. Imagine an army travelling that distance. Those are not pleasant events. On the other hand, France had gone through a situation where it couldn’t use its military opportunities effectively although it had many and it couldn’t protect its own homeland."

Şentop emphasized that France declared its independence to the Germans by not its own efforts but through the help of the British and Americans, "France’s only military success is in the 20th century against the people in Africa who were without armies and weapons. They responded with warplanes, tanks and firearms to the people who fought with spears. There is a success over there. When we look back in time, they have only one successful commander who is Napoleon; in fact, he is not actually French."

Şentop explained that histrory can not be changed and written with ambitions and desires and that it should be read carefully in order to show these, "I would like to point out that Turkey is the country who has the longest shore and border in the East Mediterranean. The ongoing events and conflicts in the East Mediterranean are issues that can be negotiated, discussed and resolved by countries who have rights and interests there according to the international law and borders to the East Mediterranean."

Şentop finalized his speech with these words:

"No one has the right to come from the West Mediterranean and ruin the welfare and peace in the region by chasing some dreams in the East Mediterranean. In this respect, as Turkey we are ready to discuss and negotiate each and every kind of issue through negotiations, because we know that we are legally right; however, I would like to stress that Turkey is capable of giving a lesson and send back those who want to teach a lesson to Turkey through their own ways."