After the meeting with Ms. Gafarova, Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, Speaker Şentop said in a statement to journalists that the decisions taken by the members of EU Southern Euroepan Countries Summit (MED7) do not have too much importance for Turkey. 11.09.2020

Reminding that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and President of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, Ms. Gafarova supported Turkey in the face of developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and  thanked Azerbaijan.

Parliament Speaker Şentop stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will accept Gafarova in Istanbul tomorrow and he will be present at the visit.

Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, responded to a question regarding the concluding statement of the EU member Southern European Countries Summit (MED7):

"Yesterday the decisions taken at the summit do not mean much for Turkey. Each country can act according to their own interests, maybe we can not find it fair but we can understand. But there is no logic in the decisions taken and the evaluations made here. France who is inviting Turkey to act in accordance with international maritime law according to which rules of international law is in the Eastern Mediterranean? What is he looking for in the Eastern Mediterranean? If we are talking about international law Turkey, France and Greece are the members of the  NATO. So, according to which rules of international law, France, who attempts to operate in the Eastern Mediterranean against a NATO country together with another NATO country will describe this behavior? Therefore, there is no logic in their explanation. As this is the case, such statements lose their credibility. Because of that, these reviews are too weak to be taken seriously and respond. Greece is like a spoiled kid in lawless Europe. Turkey is used to Greece’s such kind of attitude who is accustomed to living as an economically financed country by European countries. We know these. Turkey always gave the necessary responses in the  diplomatic and military arena to Greece”

Stating France’s position should not only need to be evaluated in the context of the Eastern Mediterranean, Speaker Şentop said that "I believe France's main inconvenience is that of Turkey's increase of activities in Africa as anywhere in the world. France is a country that has been exploiting dozens of countries in Africa for many years, and still continues to exploit African countries in the 21st century.”

Reminding that France's 14 former colonial countries use a currency called "African colonies franc," Şentop said, "France is a country that earns more than $ 500 billion in colonial income from 14 African countries every year. We think that these are things to be ashamed of. France, its politicians, administrators should be ashamed of such a disclosure. But on the contrary, they carry a concern that their system of exploitation may ruin in Africa in particular France is uncomfortable with the fact that Turkey establishes trade and diplomatic ties and   Turkish Airlines has flights to the African countries. Because the former French colonies were flying in transit over Paris while flying to another country. Now this order is slowly changing."

Şentop stated that colonialism is a shameful event in the 21st century and France is uneasy about Turkey’s being active in the world, in the region and especially in Europe.

Şentop stated that France tried to show this discomfort as if he was supporting  some of the baseless and illegal theses of Greece and said  “ Let’s  invite altogether France to act honestly. Because France has made an agreement on their sea border with UK on the English Channel in 1978 and they adopt the principles relating to the island with the same thesis defended by Turkey. Therefore, he tries to defend the opposite of the theses he agreed with in England today in the Mediterranean and the sea of ​​islands. This is called hypocrisy, double standards and insincerity. Therefore, as a NATO ally, we expect France to give up this hypocrisy and act in accordance with the rules of international maritime law. Nobody should bring his adolescence problems to the field of international relations."

The Speaker of the Azerbaijan National Assembly, Ms. Sahibe Gafarova, and the delegation accompanying her  visited the places bombed in the July 15 coup attempt and made observations at the General Assembly Hall together with Speaker Şentop.