The GNAT has convened with a special agenda on the occasion of the beginning of the 27th Term and the 4th Legislative Year under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT. In his inaugural speech, Speaker Şentop wished this year to be auspicious for the MPs, the august Assembly, our nation and our state. 01.10.2020

Speaker Şentop wished for the negotiations to be made, decisions to be taken, laws to be made and efforts to be made to bring beneficial results for the nation and the state, "First of all, I remember with gratitude and thankfulness, our first Speaker Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, all our MPs, politicians and statesmen who have served under this holy roof since its opening till today. I wish Allah’s mercy upon those who have passed away, and I wish a long life with wellness and welfare for the living.

Şentop thanked all his co-workers who have showed great efforts for the august Assembly to execute its activities and stated, "This year marks the 100th Anniversary of our Assembly. I wish the holy Allah to grant power and wealth to the august Assembly in many centuries to come and may it exist forever."

Speaker Şentop indicated that perhaps the 20th century has been the bloodiest century throughout the history of mankind and that two great World wars, wars of independence, regional wars and conflicts, civil wars, massacres, killing of over 100 million people and migrations have drawn the picture of a black century.

Şentop stated that the Turkish nation has had many great and significant achievements in the 20th century under the guidance of the Assembly and continued his words:

"The first of those is our freedom, our independence for which we have paid great prices and fought. Freedom, which is one of the magical words of the 20th century is a more meaningful word for us in terms of our history. We call it 'full independence'. We realize the greatness of the meaning of independence and especially full independence when we see the events occuring in our region and in the nearby geography.

Our second important achievement is that we have established a new state, a republic from the ashes of a great state that has had many downfalls and had been devastated by continuous wars which had lasted for decades.

The third one is, although it has had several interruptions from time to time, we have created our democracy by determination and our nation’s protection. There is no doubt that our Assembly has assumed the leadership in order to make those great and significant achievements. This august Assembly is the only Assembly that has conducted the war of independence and rightly got the title 'veteran'. It has never stopped its leading duty even when our country was in distress and was going through difficult times.

Our Assembly was the first institution that was hit by the treacherous terrorist organisation FETÖ on the night of July 15th. Our Assembly received the 'veteran' title for the second time; hence performed its duties under heavy bombardment and resisted with determination that is worthily of the history and character of that night and proved that it deserves and rightly carries that title. It is such a great honor to be a member of this great Assembly, to work under this holy roof and to serve our august nation in this Assembly. It is obvious that this honorable duty incurs big responsibilities on us. That is why it is our first duty to protect the dignity of the GNAT. The future of our democracy and the trust in democracy depend on this. We will properly talk, discuss and resolve all the issues of our country even the world under this holy roof, in group meetings, in the commissions and at the Plenary Hall. We must not forget that the GNAT is the heart of our nation, our republic and democracy. This institution has a holy identity that is above all of us, that is beyond us. We will gain more power and prestige as a political institution and as deputies once we fully realize this truth throughout our actions".

Speaker Şentop explained that we are at an important crossroad in history; that we are witnessing a significant time and that we are in a great period of change which began at the end of the 20th century and continues increasingly in the first quarter of the 21st century.

Şentop emphasized that we are going through a time where political, economic, social and cultural structures; concepts, rules, institutions; communities, states, geographies are starting to reshape and technology’s great transformative effect has literally taken control, "On the other hand, we are observing that a virus outbreak which began during the last days of the past year in China and taken control over the world has served as a catalyst, accelerating the process in terms of quantity and also by changing its nature. It is clear that the coronavirus pandemic wil show more or less effects in each and every area of life from now on".

Şentop indicated that psychological, sociological, political, economical, commercial and various effects of the pandemic will be seen in the upcoming days and stated the following:

"On the other hand, this picture has again intensely brought the situation of international institutions, which have been controversial for a long time and have been estranged from performing their duties, into the world’s agenda. Many international institutions, mainly the UN which had been established in order to enable the implementation of international law, domination of cooperation and peace around the world have literally gone bankrupt. The issue symbolized by our President’s statement of 'the world is bigger than five' seemed as an idealistic criticism when it was first expressed; however, it has become a reality accepted by all the countries, even by the UN upon which they have started working under the name of reconstruction."

Mustafa Şentop stated that economic imbalances, injustice, exploitation, institutional approaches that do not value humans have become more visible with the coronavirus pandemic, "It is impossible to deny that these changing periods as such and transition periods where the course of history accelerates involve great distress, risks and threats."

Şentop expressed that these periods offer great opportunities for exprerienced states like Turkey and for believing, determined, ambitious nations, "100 years ago, when a great state which dominated history for a long time had a downfall, our august nation and this holy Assembly achieved to create a free and totally independent state despite all the impossibilities, from a debris resulting from wars that lasted for decades, migrations, devastations and losses; hence they bear great responsibilities in this crossroads of history and they will continue to do so"

Speaker Şentop stated that Turkey is always on the side of law, justice, fairness and legitimacy in the international arena.

Şentop indicated that Turkey will never give up fighting for its rights generating from the international law and treaties with the same sensitivity and with legitimate tools and methods, "We can not decribe Turkey’s existence in the East Mediterranean only through strategic sources and its legitimate rights regarding those. Turkey stands firm on a fair share in this field and area and an equitable division on the basis of peace as much as it fights for its rights. Of course, we do not expect those who have made a habit of choosing exploitation over efforts, oppression over rights, confiscating over sharing to understand this."

Şentop expressed that again today, we are witnessing some small countries who are struggling with serious economical crises and live on aids and benevolences from the west, are used as hitmen and that the leaderships of these dependent and imprudent countries are abused in order to keep regional conflicts alive and make the old wounds bleed again.

Şentop also emphasized that one must point out the attitudes of some puppet governments who act as political agencies of some western states and do not represent their people pose a threat to the world and regional peace and continued his words:

"I would like to express our deep sorrow regarding the events that began with the attacks of terrorist gangs led by Armenia against our brother Azerbaijan on the morning of September 26. First of all, I remember with mercy all our brothers who rose to martyrdom during the attacks of Armenia and I wish quick recovery for the wounded. I would like to reiterate this: Turkey will continue to stand by Azerbaijan throughout its just cause and its fight for its country like it has done until today. Turkey and Azerbaijan have a close relationship that has no examples. The principle of 'one nation two states' is not just a slogan or a historical detection; it is also a living principle that directs the relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan in each and every field, from diplomacy to the field.

This matter and Turkey’s support has been expressed by our President explicitly through each and every step of the developments. We have exhibited this determination once again through a declaration signed by four political parties on September 28, Monday and we have expressed our solidarity with Azerbaijan. I would like to reiterate the necessity of Armenia to leave Azerbaijani soil which it had occupied and to give up acting as a country who attacks its neighbors and poses a threat to the peace in the region."

Şentop indicated that Turkey is an examplary country not just because it has a hardworking and noble nation, an exceptional location and a bright history but because of its rooted democracy and added that a history of over 170 years of elections, 143 years of parliament and in total almost 90 years of multi-party political life makes Turkey different and advanced.

Şentop stated that at this important crossroads in our history, Turkey is determined to act only in line with its national interests and the necessity of new conditions instead of artificial balances of a no longer existing world which has been altered and lost its reality; he indicated that their only criteria in the East Mediterranean, Middle East and all the geographies is to act on the grounds of the realization of the nation’s honor and interests, world peace and justice for all mankind.

Şentop stated that, "On the 100th Anniversary of our august Assembly, our nation expects us to proceed on this path with commitment despite differences between our opinions and viewpoints and to join forces for the realization of our national interests. I believe that each and every member of this holy and veteran Assembly, which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary will act upon this expectation."