Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT had a meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in Skopje within the context of his visit to Northern Macedonia. In the meeting Şentop warned him about FETÖ and said, "We do not wish Northern Macedonia to be harmed, that’s why I expect steps to be taken as soon as possible." 21.12.2020

Speaker Şentop thanked Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for the warm welcome, "We came here with a crowded delegation. Both our cognates and relative communities live here. We are always happy when we come here. Unfortunately, the pandemic still continues. We don’t want it to hinder our relations."

Şentop stated that Turkey will always support Northern Macedonia, "I wish good luck with your NATO membership."

Şentop emphasized that their goal is to reach 1 billion dollars in terms of trade volume and told that they will not let the pandemic hinder it.

Şentop underlined the fact that they promote Turkish businessmen to invest in Northern Macedonia and that they support them in terms of defence, natural gas and industry.

Şentop indicated that the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries must be updated and they would do it soon.

Şentop told they predict that Northern Macedonia will be a center of attraction in terms of education and that International Balkan University and Turkish Learning Foundation have had progress in the matter.

Şentop emphasized the fact that FETÖ, which had a coup attempt in Turkey, is an international terrorist organization and told that FETÖ targets the state in the countries it operates.

Şentop indicated that members of FETÖ conceal their work, "We don’t want it to harm our friend and brother. These are subcontractor organizations of some states. We do not wish Northern Macedonia to be harmed, that’s why I expect steps to be taken as soon as possible."

Zaev told that Turkey has always been the greatest supporter of Northern Macedonia and underlined that Turkey has not just been their best friend, but she has also been their largest investor.

Zaev stated that with a thousand investors, Turkish businessmen rank at the top, that they wish to name the common trade zone as "Mustafa Şentop" which is planned to be established in Northern Macedonia since he is one of the most important ties between the two countries.

Zaev expressed that they know how President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan loves Northern Macedonia very much, "We are now allies in NATO. Turkey is our greatest supporter. We will do much better things with our greatest supporter."

Zaev indicated that there are Northern Macedonian citizens educating in Turkey and also Turkish citizens educating in Norhtern Macedonia, "We have to major Turkish parties here. There are Turks among our Deputies and in bureaucracy. Turks are constituent elements here."

Zaev told that there is a Turkish person presiding the Constitutional Court of Northern Macedonia, "These are well-deserved positions achieved by the Turks. Turkish nation is a great community."

Zaev also mentioned the issue about the fight with FETÖ terrorist organization, "Our Ministries of Internal Affairs and Justice are ready. We will take action as soon as we get the decision files from you. Of course, we do not want this organization to do us any damage."

Zaev told that a new Turkish investment, a cable plant will employ around 400 to 800 people and requested Şentop to further promote Turkish businessmen.