Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT has issued a message for the New Year. 31.12.2020

Speaker Şentop’s message, issued by the Coordination Office of Communication of the GNAT is as follows:

“We have left behind another year in the passage of time and history.

The year 2020 has been quite a difficult one for all of us because of the Coronavirus. Together we have witnessed the influence of a virus which emerged from the other side of the world, within a few months. Coronavirus served as a litmus paper testing states’ health care systems as well as humanitarian values. The course of relations between people and communities changed entirely during this process and another period started in the shadow of intense restraints and measurements. Countries have understood the importance of acting together in the fight with the virus whereas humans understood the virtue of thinking about other people’s welfare. Our state and our august nation managed to get through this difficult exam thanks to its health care system and its loyalty to supreme humanitarian values. Although our fight is not over yet, we are striving for better and healthier days. May God rest those who have lost their lives during the pandemic; and I wish a quick recovery for those affected by the virus.

We say altogether, “As a reward to a person not defeated by the night, there is a morning, light and sunshine” and hope that all the challenges we have had to face in 2020 will no longer exist in 2021. I send my greetings to you and your loved ones with my heartfelt feelings and wish that our dreams may come true in the new year. May God protect all of us from disasters and darkness and bring us to wellness. I wish a happy new year to all our citizens hoping that our lives and time may be filled with healing, fruitfulness and beauty."