Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT stated that, “It was actually revealed partially in Syria, later on in Libya but most of all during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh that the military opportunities and technology produced by Turkey contains a potential that would change the potential of conflicts and wars around the world; hence the whole world acknowledged the effectiveness of these opportunities and technology on Azerbaijan’s success.” 08.01.2021

“The Symposium on Power Balance in Southern Caucasia and the Issue of Karabakh” commenced at the Conference Hall of the Museum of Topkapı Palace hosted by the GNAT and organized jointly by Istanbul and Marmara Universities.

Şentop spoke at the opening of the symposium and told that another symposium was held on September 28, 2020 about the East Mediterranean issue with the organization of the two universities and indicated that these kinds of meetings are quite valuable.

Şentop pointed out that in the past, universities and academicians were not inclined to offer their contributions to Turkey’s internal or foreign policies and told that a part of the academic studies are expected to contribute to Turkey’s policies in terms of social and political life and international relations.

Şentop explained that the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia due to Nagorno-Karabakh began two days before the symposium on the East Mediterranean issue was held and pointed out that the symposium today is held after a process where the conflict is over and Azerbaijan has won a great victory.

Şentop pointed out that Turkey has stood by Azerbaijan regarding its just cause since the beginning and continued his words:

“I have visited both Azerbaijan and Gence, which is one of the most important centers where the attacks were carried out that are inconsistent with the law of war and are considered as a crime against humanity. We have showed our defacto support during our visit on October 19-20. Our Ministers of Foreign Affairs and National Defence have constantly paid visits. There are reasons and justifications of Turkey’s support to Azerbaijan regarding its just cause. First of all, this support is a necessity within the context of the understanding of ‘one nation, two states’ that requires unity, friendship and brotherhood. This is not just a slogan or the lyrics of a ballad. During some meetings where Turkish representatives were not present, representatives, academician and politicians from Azerbaijan considered the attacks, objections, criticism against Turkey as if they were made against them; hence replied accordingly. Similarly, in each and every environment where Azerbaijan was not present, Turkey has showed its support concretely by looking after Azerbaijan and giving the necessary responses.”

Speaker Şentop emphasized that Nagorno-Karabakh has always been considered as Azerbaijani soil historically and continued his words accordingly:

“After the agreement between Iran and Russia, in the beginning of the 19th century, it was determined that Nagorno-Karabakh was a place under the tutelage of Azerbaijan and it was defacto administered accordingly. During the Soviet regime there was no tendency, application or legal arrangement indicating that Nagorno-Karabakh would ever have an administration outside Azerbaijani soil.”

Şentop stated that the same situation and justness is in question legally and that the UN has four resolutions acknowledging that Armenia is an occupant on Azerbaijani soil. Şentop reminded that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has also adopted similar decions and the MINSK group has an approach accordingly.

Şentop indicated that everything is globalizing and continued his words:

“When the word ‘globalization’ was mentioned before, it meant globalization of money and goods and then free movement of people around the world. Globalization of information was also in question, however, we’ve observed that not only positive things but also negative things could globalize too. This virus is also global. Diseases are global. Just like that, both the cure and vaccination must be global too. The world might have to face other viruses or diseases in the future.”

Şentop conveyed a dialogue between him and Macedonian authorities about their concerns regarding vaccination during their visit to Macedonia, “I told them ‘If it was up to western countries, I doubt that they would think about you, they wouldn’t send you the vaccines, however, the seriousness of the issue compels them to do so. So, it is not enough to cease the pandemic by vaccinating only the French and Germans. We must vaccinate everybody, not just in Europe but around the whole world.’”

Şentop indicated that problems and discussions have both globalized and made an assessment of the invasion of US Congress building. Şentop stated that, “Recent events in the US concerning invasion of the Congress building is sort of a small-scaled coup attempt which in fact shows that such conflicts and issues have also globalized.”

Speaker Şentop completed his words by conveying various sharings throughout the social media about this issue:

“The US, who supports these kinds of events had to face a similar small-scaled challenge. Of course, it is not right to approve or say that ‘it serves them right’. There is no doubt that an election was held in order and the result came up, this process must be over within the framework of necessary procedures and steps. Therefore, just like everywhere, everyone in the US must protect democracy and law and resolve the issues within democracy. Issues, viruses, germs have globalized not just medically but also social and political viruses and germs have globalized and they could be seen anywhere around the world. It is just that the US has never faced such an attack or a challenge. In this respect, in the upcoming period, the world’s issues must be resolved by taking this picture into consideration with good intentions and in a way that would benefit all mankind. Turkey has in fact been a pioneer of this around the world. I’d like to express that the picture which has arised with determination under the leadership of our President would serve to open new horizons for people and we will continue to take more effective steps in this manner.”