Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT and an accompanying parliamentary delegation will pay an official visit to Albania on February 4-5, 2021. 31.01.2021

Speaker Mustafa Şentop is going to be welcomed by Gramoz Ruçi, Speaker of the Parliament of Albania in the capital city Tirana where he will pay an official visit to.


After the tete-a-tete, Şentop and Ruçi will preside the meeting between delegations. Following the meeting between delegations, Şentop and Ruçi will make a joint press statement. Afterwards, Şentop will sign the Honorary Book of the Parliament of Albania.


Ruçi will host a lunch in honor of Şentop and the accompanying parliamentary delegation.


Speaker Şentop and the accompanying parliamentary delegation will be received by Ilir Meta, President of the Republic of Albania and they will meet with Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania within the context of their first day contacts.


On the second day of the visit, that is February 5, Şentop will perform Friday prayers at Shkodra Central Mosque and he will lay a wreath at Hasan Rıza Pasha Martyrs’ Cemetery with the accompanying delegation.


Şentop will also visit Shkodra Hajii Sheikh Şamia Imam Hatip High School and Yunus Emre Institute.