Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT and the accompanying parliamentary delegation met with Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama. 04.02.2021

After meeting with President of Albania Ilir Meta, Mustafa Şentop atteded the lunch hosted by Gramoz Ruçi, Speaker of the Parliament of Albania in honor of him and his delegation and afterwards he met with Prime Minister Edi Rama.


Speaker Şentop conveyed greetings of President Erdoğan and the Turkish nation during his meeting with Prime Minister Rama.


Şentop told that the Balkans’ , especially our friend and brother Albania’s stability is among the priorities of Turkish foreign policy and pointed out the fact that Albania is Turkey’s fourth largest trade partner with a trade volume of 509 million dollars in total.

Murat Ahmet Yörük, Ambassador of Turkey to Tirana and delegations of both countries participated at the meeting held at the Prime Ministry. 


Afterwards, Speaker Şentop and the accompanying delegation visited İskenderbey Square in Tirana and the Clock Tower in the square which was inherited from the Ottoman Empire and Ethem Bey Mosque which is currently under renovation by the Presidency of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

Şentop received information from Dr. Emine Gizem Başkan, Coordinator of TIKA in Tirana and visited Tirana Castle and the museum called "Bunkart" which was used as a shelter during the communist regime.

Şentop also had a meeting with Lulsim Başa, Leader of the opposition party, Democratic Party of Albania within the context of his visit, then attended the dinner hosted by the Embassy of Turkey in Tirana in his honor.