Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT visited the city of Shkodra in the northern part of Albania on the second day of his visit to the country. 05.02.2021

Speaker Mustafa Şentop watched the program prepared by the students of Hadji Sheikh Şamia Imam Hatip High School in Shkodra.

Şentop gave a speech and addressed students and their guardians and reminded that he and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who inaugurated the school via teleconference, were both graduated from Imam Hatip High Schools.

Şentop mentioned his contacts in Tirana yesterday, “We are two friends in this geography whose hearts beat with the same feelings for centuries and who are happy to be able to grow closer to each other after a long while”

Şentop stated that, despite the intervening years and some interruptions, they are happy to raise the flag of friendship and brotherhood today.

Şentop told that the world is changing rapidly and cooperation between countries have gained more importance compared to the past:

“We have seen once again the importance of cooperation or competition among states during the global pandemic process. Turkey has become a great and valuable, exceptional example by sending medical aid to the whole world and especially to Balkan countries during these difficult times. In this regard, relations between Albania and our country have further developed during the pandemic and this increase will continue. The course of political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries have been developing for a long time.”

Şentop stated that mutual high level visits between the two countries, activities of businessmen coming from Turkey, mutual import and export whose volume keeps growing constantly, activities of Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) have revealed a friendship atmosphere which keeps growing, “Turkey considers Albania as a country who has strategic importance in establishing permanent peace and stability in the Balkans. Therefore, we believe that any kind of cooperation between the two countries is important.”

Şentop addressed youngesters who might want to be educated in other cities around the country or in Turkey saying, “You will always witness this, Turkey will always be a country who will wait for you with love and with open arms.”

After performing Friday prayers at Shkodra Central Mosque, Speaker Şentop attended the lunch hosted by Ilir Beqaj, Chairman of Albania-Turkey Interparliamentary Friendship Group in his and his delegation’s honor.

Speaker Şentop also visited “Marubi” National Photography Museum, Hasa Rıza Pasha Monument and Shkodra Yunus Emre Institute. Şentop received information from Zafer Kıyıcı, Manager of Yunus Emre Institute about the institute which has been active since 2012.