Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT made a statement to press members after visiting Yunus Emre Institute in the city of Shkodra on the second day of his visit to Albania saying that Attorney General’s Office in Albania is conducting an investigation regarding Fethullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) structuring. 05.02.2021

Speaker Şentop indicated that they have paid this visit upon the invitation of Gramoz Ruçi, Speaker of the Parliament of Albania and reminded that he had also met with President Ilir Meta and Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Speaker Şentop mentioned the importance of making this visit right after Rama’s visit to Turkey on 6-7 January 2021 and signing of High Level Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

Şentop stated that such high level visits have leading ways, “After these visits, other visits and contacts in various levels within the context of these will happen. Albania is our friend and brother. We have very close relations for over 30 years and intimate contacts in all areas that increase each day. We will work together to further develop these. Authorities of both Turkey and Albania are always determined to do this.”

Şentop emphasized that he has knowledge and heard speculations about the structuring of FETÖ in the Balkans, mainly in Albania and various measures have been taken related to those. Şentop pointed out that there are persons here who have been wanted by Turkey and their extradition is requested:

“Some of them have been extradited, in time. However, we are saying that this organization is an international, new generation terrorist organization. Its first target is Turkey in terms of making damage whereas it poses a security threat to all the countries in which it operates. We share information regarding those with our colleagues.

There is a considerable amount of persons and institutions in Albania. The mechanism has been organized in the framework of education, media, non-governmental organizations and firms. I quote, all these legal structures are in fact set-ups that disguise their real purpose and activities. Thus, I know that the Attorney General’s Office has been conducting an investigation in regards to money laundering related to FETÖ.”

Şentop underlined the fact that FETÖ poses a serious threat to each and every country in which it operates, mainly to Albania and told that they don’t want to see other countries harmed by this organization.

Şentop said, “We have warned them. We have observed with pleasure that we agree in principle, however we have reiterated the need to take measures as soon as possible.”