Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT said, “We will keep fighting until the bloodshedders who try to legitimize this treachery pay the price before history and justice.” 25.02.2021

Şentop attended the Photograph and Art Exhibition organized on the occasion of the 29th Anniversary of Khojaly Massacre.

Şentop commenced his speech by reading a chapter from Russian journalist Romanov’s book named “I am shooting the war” in which he describes the Khojaly Massacre and told that 29 years ago, on Februrary 26, 1992 one of the most ruthless massacres witnessed by the history of mankind took place in Khojaly.

Şentop stated that this year, they came together again to commemorate those who lost their lives during this painful event, “We believe that they reunited with God with an honorable ending and are among martyrs. We will keep fighting until the bloodshedders who try to legitimize this treachery pay the price before history and justice. Sarkisyan, who was the commander of Armenia and the 366th cavalry and actualized the massacre in Khojaly where 11.356 people used to live, stated in an interview: ‘Azerbaijani people used to think that Armenians would not slaughter civilians. We did this to teach a lesson to them, to show that we are not joking.’ Those responsible for this massacre without any conscience will pay the price before justice sooner or later. After the massacre, examination of bodies revealed that most people’s bodies were burnt, their eyes were carved, various parts like ears, head and noses were cut and separated from their bodies.”

Şentop indicated that several foreign journalists who witnessed this inhumane slaughter told gruesome things and reminded the story of French journalist Jean-Yves Junet who visited the Khojaly region after the massacre of February 26, 1992.

Şentop pointed out that we must make sure that the whole world knows about this massacre and we must stand by Azerbaijan for its just cause and told that Khojaly Massacre is at the top of the most formidable events of the 20th century.

Şentop continued his words accordingly:

“However, Armenians and their leaders who are responsible for the Khojaly Massacre are still able to advocate for this massacre despite all the confessions made before the world public opinion. States that advocate for so-called human rights pretend as if nothing had happened if a Muslim, especially a Turk dies. Turkey always feels the pain of this barbarity in its heart, which was ignored by the international community although it happened before the eyes of the whole world and we try to keep this massacre on the agenda in the international arena. With the efforts and initiatives of Azerbaijan and Turkey, several countries including Mexico, Pakistan, Colombia, Czech Republic, Bosnia Herzegovina, Peru, Honduras, Sudan, Slovenia, Jordan, Guatemala, Djibouti, Paraguay, Panama, Romania and Serbia have recognized the massacre in Khojaly as ‘genocide’.

Again, in several countries monuments have been built in memory of those who died in the Khojaly Massacre. They have partially paid for this flagrant crime for which they have not accounted for for 29 years through the victory of heroic Azerbaijani army; thus wounds have healed even just a bit. Despite all the treacherous attacks and unjust and inhumane treatment faced by the Azerbaijani people, Azerbaijan managed to show the whole world that both war and peace can be conducted nobly in line with the international law through conducting operations by protecting innocent people during 44 days, This great victory won by the Azerbaijani army once again showed us that if our homeland is in question, we won’t stop fighting until the last citizen dies.”

Şentop indicated that Turkey will continue to stand by its Azerbaijani brothers for their just cause not only with brotherly feelings but also it is a humane duty and told that they have tried to display their pain and severity of Khojaly Massacre through the language of art at the exhibition held by the Embassy of Azerbaijan under the auspices of the GNAT. Şentop thanked artists for their valuable contributions, “They have become the voice and interpreter of us and our nation’s conscience.”

Şentop said, “We have never been a nation who was nourished by pain throughout history. However, in today’s world, negative propaganda towards our nation has increased immensely; it hurts us even more, to end up being wrong although we are right. That’s why we will keep the Khojaly Massacre and those who are responsible on the agenda. We owe this to our martyrs who were slaughtered brutally. I’d like to thank the artists who helped us understand a tiny bit of the suffering of our brothers and also the Ambassador of Azerbaijan for contributing to the organization of this exhibition here. On this occasion, I once again wish God’s mercy on our martyrs. I hope that no nation, no community has to endure such pain ever.”

Hazar Ibrahim, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ankara wished God’s mercy on those who lost their lives during the Khojaly massacre and 13 Turkish citizens martyred in Gara.

Ibrahim told that they commemorate Khojaly Massacre every year in the Assembly, “We’d like to thank you for this. This year is quite different. Today, we are commemorating Khojaly here right after Azerbaijan’s victory. This is also our beloved Turkey’s victory. This is also the victory of justice and fairness. Because, our beloved Turkey has always stood by the right, fair and the oppressed. In this respect, Azerbaijani and Turkish flags stand side by side on our soil which was saved from occupation. This is a message to the world by Azerbaijan and Turkey as one nation two states.”

After the speeches, Şentop and his entourage visited the exhibition.

Deputy Speakers, Members of Parliament and GNAT bureaucrats attended the ceremony.