Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT told in his video message that he sent to the celebratory program organized at Trakya University on the occasion of Kosovo’s independence day, that he was pleased to congratulate the 13th Anniversary of Kosovo’s independence. 25.02.2021

Şentop said, “Balkan geography is not a region with whom we only have neighborhood relations. It is the land of our brothers and friends with whom our hearts and voices are one. It is my home, country and homeland” and told that Kosovo is one of the leading distinguished countries of this geography.

Şentop indicated that Kosovo is Turkey’s brother and friend with its history, culture and people, “We consider Kosovo’s happiness as our own and we are sad when Kosovo is unhappy.”

Şentop emphasized the fact that Turkey is always proud to be one of the first countries that recognized Kosovo after it declared its independence and stated the following in his message:

“Today, Kosovo has taken significant steps in a short time towards being a democratic and prosperous country in Balkan geography with its multicultural and ethnic structure. Kosovo’s independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty is indispensable for stability and peace in the Balkans. I am also pleased that different ethnic communities including our cognates live together in peace in Kosovo. Today, it is pleasing to see that our cognates offer valuable contributions to Kosovo socially, culturally and economically.

As the poet wrote: ‘I’m a little bit of Yunus/A little bit of Mevlana/A little bit of Veysel/A little bit of Karacaoğlan/My instrument is tuned to Rumelia.’ I once again congratulate the 13th Anniversary of Kosovo’s independence with heartfelt feelings and as the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, I convey each and every Kosovo citizen greetings of their Turkish brothers from Anatolia.

As your brother whose heart always beats together with this region, I am happy to observe that Trakya University offers great services to our region and to the geography of our hearts, the Balkans through their valuable work. In this respect, I’d also like to congratulate our University for hosting this event on the occasion of Kosovo’s independence day. Long live Turkey-Kosovo brotherhood.”