Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT met with Ersan Saner, Prime Minister of TRNC and the accompanying delegation at the GNAT. 03.03.2021

In his speech at the reception, Speaker Mustafa Şentop expressed the importance and privilege of TRNC for Turkey and told that he is proud to observe that cooperation between the two countries is getting stronger each day.

Şentop reminded that they hosted Ersin Tatar, President of TRNC at the GNAT last October after he was elected President and told that they had fruitful meetings with Tatar.

Şentop indicated that both Turkey and TRNC have the will and power to overcome all challenges with the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, "I want you to know that we have put all our efforts and used every means available in order to provide necessary support to our Turkish Cypriot brothers during the time when the whole world was deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic."

Şentop said he is as always following the developments regarding the national cause Cyprus issue closely and continued his words accordingly:

"GNAT fully supports each and every resolution adopted so far and each step taken in terms of welfare, tranquility and security of Turkish Cypriot people. After being elected as the Speaker of the GNAT, I myself also paid my first visit abroad to TRNC on March 5, 2019. I congratulated Mr. Önder Sennaroğlu when he was elected as Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic of TRNC. I reiterate that I would be pleased to host Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic in Turkey.

I believe that it would be beneficial to increase parliamentary visits that were interrupted due to the pandemic, whenever circumstances allow. In this framework, our delegation of the Committee on Foreign Affairs is going to visit your country on March 4-6, 2021. Increasing cooperation and visits between our friendship groups constitues a significant dimension of the relations between our parliaments. I’m hoping to reactivate contacts between our friendship groups as soon as possible."

Şentop pointed out that contacts at parliamentary level are gaining more importance in order to make sure everyone hears the voice of TRNC and to increase its visibility, "With this in mind, we loudly express the Cyprus issue in all the parliamentary assemblies to which we are members."

Şentop told that thanks to the initiatives of GNAT, TRNC is represented in the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States (PUIC) as "Turkish Cypriot State" since 2006 and stated the following:

"Our initiatives to make TRNC full member to TÜRKPA still continue. We attach importance to increasing international visibility of TRNC by making sure the Assembly of the Republic attends international organizations held under our auspices. I believe that your representation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is a significant achievement for our Turkish Cypriot brothers. I know that you are in close cooperation and communication with our delegation in the context of your activities within PACE. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for your fight for our cause in this important platform.

It is clear that the Cyprus issue has not been resolved due to the mindset of Greek side claiming ‘I am the only owner of the island’. There are two separate communities, two separate democratic orders and two separate states on the island. The solution is only possible with an approach that is based on this reality. Therefore, we support the two state solution vision of Turkish Cypriots based on independent equality. Guaranteeing existence, freedom and future of Turkish Cypriots, ensuring its peace, welfare and security, sustaining its development and integration with the world will continue to be among our priorities. Turkey will continue to walk with Turkish Cypriots on the same path, our path is one. On this occasion, I wish God’s mercy upon those who were martyred for the Cyprus cause and I remember our veterans with gratitude."

Prime Minister of TRNC, Ersan Saner told that Turkish Cypriots will continue their path fearlessly with the power taken from the homeland.

Saner told that although many countries around the world think that the Cyprus issue began in 1974, it actually began in 1963 when Greeks invaded the Republic of Cyprus unilaterally and he continued his words:

"If there is an issue of occupation and invasion in Cyprus, the only party responsible for this is the Greek Cypriots who occupied the Republic of Cyprus. Thanks to the Cyprus peace operation conducted by our homeland, Turkey we are living in tranquility today.

Turkey has always supported us in ensuring international visibility of Cyprus and in terms of living in quality standarts. I’d like to thank you all, mainly to H.E. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and to you for your support to the development of TRNC especially in the last 20 years".

Speaker Şentop went to the Plenary Hall of the GNAT with Prime Minister Saner and watched the plenary session from the cordiplomatic gallery. Şentop and Saner greeted the Plenary Hall together.

Şentop showed the parts of the GNAT that were bombed during the coup attempt of July 15 to Saner and the accompanying delegation and he informed them.