Speaker Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop celebrated the April 23, National Day of Kosovo Turks with a video message. 24.04.2021

Şentop celebrated the April 23 Kosovo Turks National Day with a video message.

Stating  in his message that Turkish nation is celebrating the 101th anniversary of the foundation of the GNAT which is the guarantee of the independence and future of the Turkish nation and the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day continued as “Choosing this date as a national holiday; I would like to state that I find it very meaningful and important in terms of revealing the strong bond between our hearts and emotions and showing that we have a common consciousness. The Kosovo Turks, who are an integral part of the Balkans, will be an integral part of Kosovo's politics, economy and society in the future as in the past; my belief that they will continue to exhibit one of the best examples of living in peace together is complete and unshakable."

Şentop stated that the National Day of the Kosovo Turks will bring their unity and solidarity to the future and add strength to the power of friendly and brotherly Kosovo, which is of great importance for the peace and stability of the Balkans. “I sincerely hope that the hearts of the Kosovo Turks, whose unity and solidarity are interlocked with the holidays, will beat stronger, and the Kosovo Turks will wake up to a more prosperous and peaceful future with each passing day.On the occasion of the 23 April, the Kosovo Turkish National Day Kosovo Turks, I convey the greetings of their brothers from Ankara, from Anatolia. May the face, future and heart of the Kosovo Turk be bright."

Şentop also sent a congratulatory letter to Fikrim Damka, the Minister of Regional Development of Kosovo and the Chairman of the Democratic Turkish Party of Kosovo (KDTP).

Şentop, who thanked Damka for his invitation to the Kosovo Turks National Day ceremonies said his his letter: “It is a source of honor and happiness for us that April 23 is also celebrated as a National Day for Kosovo Turks. On that day, my heart will be with you, even though I cannot be there among you, I congratulate your national holiday with my sincere wishes and offer my love and greetings to the friendly and brotherly people of Kosovo."

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