Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the GNAT visited Mehmet Fatih Medresa in the city of Tuzi. December 23, 2021

Speaker Mustafa Şentop was accompanied by Rifat Feyzic, Chairman of the Islamic Union of Montenegro, Songül Ozan, Ambassador of Turkey to Podgorica and other officials.

Speaker Şentop chatted with students of Mehmet Fatih Medresa.


Şentop reminded that Montenegro is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country and told that people with different ethnic origins including Bosnians and Albanian live in Turkey and they are our cognates.

Şentop said, “We have only one message to the world: to create an environment where people could live in peace, according to their own beliefs.”


Şentop told that the Ottoman Empire ruled in the Balkan geography and directed these lands for centuries, “All the people with different origins that lived here, protected their ethnic origins, communites, languages, religions, their sanctuaries have survived for centuries.”

Feyziç told that they are honored by Şentop’s visit, “Turkey is a powerful and friendly country. We are proud when Turkish state authorities spare the time to visit us during their visits. This is a support to us. We feel like we are not alone, we feel like we have a great and important friend beside us.”

Şentop visited Tuzi Nizam Mosque in Tuzi which was renovated by TIKA and gathered information from Feyziç about the mosque.

Speaker Mustafa Şentop laid a wreath to Gorica Partizan Monument in memory of the victims of the Nazi era.

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