Parliament Bulletin has reached to its 200th issue

The Parliament Bulletin which announces news regarding legislation, scrutiny, representation and administration activities of the GNAT for 24 years, has reached to its 200th issue

The Bulletin began to its publications with white and black fascicle in September 1990.  Today, the Bulletin is provided to its readers with coloured offset printing by the latest technological machines of printing house of the GNAT.   The Bulletin also includes the GNAT activities of previous month and functions as an archive.

Dr İrfan Neziroğlu, Secretary General of the GNAT stated in the preface of the 200th issue of the Bulletin that ‘’the Parliament Bulletin which is like our child, has reached to its 200th issue.  There is an effort of especially our Speakers and various administrators and staff in the course of development of the Bulletin.’’  

It is possible to reach all issues of the Bulletin via web page of the GNAT.