GNAT TV has been broadcasting for 20 years…

GNAT TV which broadcasts GNAT activities has finished its 20th year.

GNAT TV, has been reflecting the activities of the GNAT to the public without interruption since December 10, 1994.  GNAT Plenary activities are broadcasted live via internet. Besides, live broadcast service is provided via TRT3 between 14:00-19:00hrs.

GNAT TV, broadcasts all activities of the Speaker, press conferences, statements and receiving of the deputies besides Plenary meetings and the political party group meetings.  Furthermore, following the meetings of specialized, investigation and inquiry committees is also one of the duties of the GNAT TV.

GNAT TV, transfers current political and economic developments as well as foreign policy developments to its audience.  

GNAT TV is only visual source regarding Plenary activities.  These scenes function also as  visual and aural minutes and archives in the  TBMM Plenary activities.