10th Session of the PUIC Conference has been held in İstanbul

10th Session of the PUIC Conference has been held in İstanbul between January 21-22, 2015, hosted by H.E. Mr Cemil ÇİÇEK, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

56 delegations which are PUIC members and observers participated to the Conference. 22 countries represented by their Speakers of their Parliaments.

             Before the Conference, between January 17-20, to prepare for the Conference, four standing specialized committees convened and draft resolutions and Final Declaration to be accepted during the Conference were prepared.  Besides, Fifth Meeting of Palestine Committee and Fourth Meeting of Muslim Women Parliamentarians Conference were held.  In addition to these, 17th General Committee Meeting was held on January 20, 2015.  During the meeting, vice presidents and reporters were elected and afterwards financial topics were considered. Thereafter, 10th Conference Final Declaration was prepared.

            H.E. Mr Cemil ÇİÇEK made a speech during the Opening Ceremony on January 21, 2015.  During his speech H.E. Mr ÇİÇEK stated that it was very important to get together in such a critical period.  H.E. Mr ÇİÇEK stated that decisions taken by PUIC in such a period was very important, he also added that conflicts between terror and islamophobia, religions and sectarians were embittered, he condemned the recent Paris events, and also the Iraq, Syria and Nigeria terror events.  H.E. Mr ÇİÇEK also declared that the reaction shown against to the Paris attack had not been shown against other events happened in other countries, and added that international society behaved with dual standard in terms of terrorism, however this issue needed to be solved with full collaboration.

           H.E. Mr Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN honoured the opening ceremony and pointed out the recent developments. In his speech H.E. Mr ERDOĞAN stated that Islamic World was passing through a difficult period and solutions should be searched with joined mind against these difficulties. H.E. Mr ERDOĞAN also mentioned that he was very disappointed about the Paris terror attacks. H.E. Mr ERDOĞAN stated that these attacks were not a surprise and declared that he condemned all kinds of terrorism.

            At the end of the Conference, as a summary of the workout ‘’Final Declaration’’ and ‘’İstanbul Declaration’’ were accepted.