The Constitution Reconciliation Committee continues its works

The Turkish Republic Constitution came into force after the military coup on September 12, 1980. In order to replace this Constitution with a more democratic one, The Constitution Reconciliation Committee which has been established with the equal participation of political parties represented in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey continues its works.

1982 Constitution that is currently in force has been amended several times. Instead of this Constitution, in order to make a new constitution with the public participation, four political parties (Justice and Development Party, Republican People’s Party, Nationalist Movement Party and Peace and Democracy Party) represented in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, each notifying three members have joined the Constitution Reconciliation Committee. The Committee continues its works.  

The Constitution Reconciliation Committee aims maximum broad participation to make a constitution that all segments of the society participate. In this respect, a web site has been designed to receive comments of every institution, establishment and citizen who wants to contribute orally, written or electronically in the constitution making process. The comments and suggestions coming from citizens via this web site have been approximately 20.000 pages.