The Bureau

1. Composition and Duties of the Bureau

The Bureau of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey has significant roles regarding the legislative activities and administrative matters. The Bureau is composed of the Speaker, Vice-Speakers, Quaestors, and Secretaries.

The Bureau consists of fifteen deputies in total, including the Speaker, four Vice-Speakers, three Quaestors and seven Secretaries and ensures the proportionate representation of all political party groups.

The Plenary may increase the number of quaestors and secretaries upon a proposal of the Board of Spokespersons, if necessary. However, the number of Vice-Speakers cannot be more than four.

Vice-Speakers preside over the Plenary sittings according to weekly rotation. The Speaker of the Assembly presides over the Plenary sittings if he deems it necessary. Two secretaries shall be present in their seats during the meeting.

Some of the duties of the Bureau are as follows:

  • permitting  the committees  to convene during the working hours of the Plenary,
  • examining and deciding on the validity of a deputy’s letter of resignation,
  • examining the case of a deputy persisting in holding an office or performing a duty incompatible with the deputy’s parliamentary mandate,
  • conducting the necessary investigation upon an application to correct the minutes recorded in the Plenary,
  • deciding on cases requiring one minute’s silence,
  • taking decisions on the administrative organization of the Assembly.

2. Election of the Speaker of the Assembly

The election of the Speaker is held twice within a legislative term. The term of office of the Speaker, who is elected at the beginning of the legislative term, is two years. In the first election, the candidates from among the deputies are submitted to the Bureau within five days after the first sitting of the Assembly. The Speaker is elected by secret ballot.

In the first two ballots, two-thirds of the total number of deputies, and in the third ballot, an absolute majority of the total number of deputies are required. In case an absolute majority cannot be obtained in the third ballot, a fourth ballot takes place between the two candidates who obtain most of the votes. In the fourth ballot, the candidate receiving the highest number of the votes is elected as the Speaker.

The election of the Speaker is concluded within five days following the end of the period for nomination.

In the second election of the Speaker to be held in the same legislative term, the candidates shall be submitted to the Bureau within five to ten days before the office of the incumbent Speaker expires. The Speaker serves until the end of the legislative term.

3. Biography, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

4. Elections of Vice-Speakers, Secretaries and Quaestors

Two elections are held for members of the Bureau within a legislative term. The office of those elected for the first half of the legislative term is two years. The office of the Bureau members elected for the second half of the legislative term continues till the end of the legislative term.

The Speaker determines the percentage of the political party groups within the total number of party groups in the Assembly, and the number of positions in the Bureau for each political party group in compliance with its size, and notifies the Board of Spokespersons of the case.

The positions for the Vice-Speakers in the Bureau are allocated among the political parties, starting with the party having the highest percentage, provided that two of the positions should be designated to the political party having the absolute majority of the total number.

The Plenary decides on the allocation of the positions of the secretaries and quaestors after consulting the Board of Spokespersons.

Each political party group submits a list of candidates for the Bureau membership allocated to them. The election is concluded by voting on the list through show of hands.

5. Members of the Bureau (name, surname, biography)